Summer Camp USA Makes Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

Summer Camp USA is an incredible experience - not only will you make friends and memories that you just won't get from doing a summer job in your home town, but you'll also gain important transferable skills and work related experience that will help boost your resume and enhance your employability.

What Skills Will I Gain From Working at a Summer Camp in America?

Check out all the skills you'll be able to add to your resume after completing your summer working at Camp:

International Work Experience

Nothing makes your resume stand out from the crowd like international work experience. Not only will it be an extra shine to separate you from your peers, but you’ll also have lots of exciting stories to tell in interviews, as well as real world examples to showcase the skills you bring to the table.


Nothing says responsible like being trusted to look after other people’s children. You’ll spend the summer being responsible for the safety of others while teaching activities, for the emotional and mental well-being of your Campers and also for yourself as you travel after Camp!


Employers needs leaders, plain and simple. Whichever Summer Camp job you have, you'll be physically leading your Campers from class to class, choosing what to teach in lessons, and leading by example, giving your Campers a positive role model for the summer and beyond.


At Camp you’ll get experience communicating with people of all ages, all backgrounds and all levels within the Camp organization. Public speaking? You’ll be public singing and dancing too! One to ones? You’ll definitely deal with at least one case of a homesick kid at Camp who needs you to listen then give an empowering pep talk. Negotiation skills? You’ll be well versed at coaxing Campers into believing jumping in the cold lake first thing in the morning is the best idea!

Problem Solving

Thunder storm means you can’t take the sail boats out this lesson? It’s your job to think of another fun activity to keep your kids pumped up during your class. Two kids in your cabin not getting along? You’ll work with them both to iron out the issue and find common ground. Your bus to NYC canceled as you head on a post Camp adventure? You’ll have worked out an alternative route or solution no problem.


Coaching is an incredible skill to have. It shows you’ve got amazing listening and reasoning skills, as well as demonstrating you’ve got skills in persuasion, training and teaching. You’ll be coaching your Campers, improving their skills in sports and activities classes. You’ll also be coaching them with personal development, from increasing their self-confidence to bettering their behavioral or communication skills.


Employers want staff who are confident, bold and unafraid to make big decisions. Nothing says gutsy like heading across the globe to spend the summer working away from home (though don’t worry, BUNAC will be with you every step of the way!) Your confidence will grow across the summer too, as you get into the swing of Camp life, and also learn from your fellow counselors.

A Global Perspective

By working at Summer Camp USA you’ll be meeting and working with people from all over the world, as well as clearly having an interest in exploring different cultures and international affairs. This is a great bonus for employers who’ll want to know you can communicate with and work alongside people from all different walks of life.

What Jobs Can I Do At Summer Camp USA?

Water Sports Counselor
Water Sports Counselor

Want to teach a water sport at camp? We're looking for kayaking, canoeing, sailing, water ski and wake boarding teachers!