Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

BUNAC knows how powerful and important international work, intern and volunteer are. In order to help as many people as possible have their own work abroad experience we have several scholarships to help fund trips. Please find details of our Scholarships and Awards below.

For further information on the BEST Scholarships and the Howard Crew Awards and Scholarships please call the London BUNAC office on 0333 999 7516.

The BEST Scholarship

Due to COVID-19 the BEST Scholarships is not accepting applications for 2021. Please check shortly for 2022 academic scholarships.

The BEST (BUNAC Educational Scholarship Trust) scholarships offer financial assistance to eligible applicants who are looking to undertake postgraduate study in the USA or Canada. They are funded by the BEST Scholarship Trust which is an independent trust administered by BUNAC on behalf of the BEST trustees.

A number of scholarships are awarded each year from a fund of £50,000 allocated for the BEST Scholarships. Included in this, are the sums of £4,000 available as the Christopher J. Harbour Memorial Scholarship to a candidate looking to do sports-related studies and £2,000 as the John S. Ball Award to a candidate looking to pursue a teaching or geography-related career. The individual amounts awarded vary but a typical award is in the region of approximately £5,000 - £15,000.

At the judging stage, preference is given to those whose proposed study in North America is likely to do most to further transatlantic understanding and/or to those who are required to go to the US or Canada to do a specific course.

Candidates must:

  • Be UK passport holder
  • Be currently, or have been engaged in full-time tertiary education at a university or college of higher education in the United Kingdom
  • Have already applied for, but not yet started a post-graduate course in the US or Canada. The postgraduate qualification must be awarded by a US or Canadian institution
  • Not be permanent employees of BUNAC Travel Services Ltd.

Please note, the award is intended for courses of study of between 3 months and 3 years, but the award shall cover a maximum period of the first 12 months and is not available for subsequent years of study. The candidate may not be in employment, including work for a North American employer as part of a sandwich course, during the period in which he/she is to be assisted. He/she may be (and should be) in receipt of other awards, including teaching assistantships, which are solely for the purpose of study and do not cover all expenses.

The BEST Scholarships are top-up funds, not the prime source of funding and candidates should be actively looking to secure funding from other sources while in the process of applying to BEST. Candidates cannot already be engaged in their course of study in North America at the time of application although they should be looking to apply to courses in their chosen field.

Application process & key dates

  • A completed online application form
  • Academic reference – from e.g. your tutor or head of department.
  • Personal reference - from someone who is well acquainted with you outside of university but who is not related to you in any way.
  • Application deadline - Monday 30th March 2020

References cannot be from the same person. Applications received after the deadline or without both references as of that date, will not be considered.

All complete applications will be subject to a short listing process and interviews will be conducted for the final selection of scholars. The interview date is not negotiable and all interviews must be conducted face-to-face. Awarding of scholarships is at the sole discretion of the BEST interview panel.

Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Commission offers scholarships for academic work in any subject, at any accredited US university. Each year, awards are given to approximately 25 UK citizens studying at postgraduate-level. The Fulbright awards offer scholars the opportunity to have a transformative cultural and academic experience and provide unparalleled support both during and after their Fulbright year. In addition to the all-disciplines category, Fulbright also offer subject-specific awards in partnership with UK and US institutions in fields such as public affairs, journalism, law, finance and information science.

For more information please head to the Fulbright website.