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Established in 1962, BUNAC is recognised as a specialist in overseas work, travel and volunteer programs and has enabled over 500,000 people to explore the world and gain valuable life skills. We have partners and teams in every country we operate in and our Travel Experts have all undergone working holidays themselves, so we have all the tools needed to make your work abroad adventure stress-free.

BUNAC is a partner of the FCO’s Know Before You Go campaign and a member of WYSE Work Abroad Association and British Educational Travel Association (BETA).


Our programs run from as little as two weeks, up to two years, and have multiple options available to suit every budget and time frame. Participants can take part in a BUNAC program during a gap year, summer holidays, after graduation, as part of a university placement, or as a career break.

  • Flexible work and travel programs in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and USA will help young people to gain independence, more confidence and international work experience.
  • Undertake a professional internship in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and USA, or combine this with a soft skill boosting paid casual job.
  • BUNAC's wide range of volunteering and teaching placements in Africa, South America and Asia offer the chance to make a difference to communities around the world.


BUNAC participants can experience everyday working life in a new country and explore some of the world's most incredible places during their stay. Volunteering, interning or working abroad offers an unforgettable experience and enhances employability for the future. Past members often describe how their BUNAC experience has been a key discussion point at job interviews, and provides demonstrable transferable soft skills such as confidence, communication, adaptability and responsibility.

Travel insurance

We want everyone’s trip to be a safe one. Recognizing the importance of preparing for the unforeseen, we only work with the most reputable insurance companies to guarantee participants have comprehensive travel, medical and baggage cover for their trip.


We offer a full support program for our members, providing them with all the resources they need to plan their adventure, including help with finding jobs and accommodation. With an office or partner organization in every destination, BUNAC makes sure that members get the most out of their experience. For official travel advice and safety tips before you travel, visit our Travel Advice page.


BUNAC provides 24/7 emergency support for all members. We also ensure participants are fully prepared for their trips with a comprehensive handbook, pre-departure advice and orientations. We also have teams on the ground in every country we operate in, so there will always be someone available if needed.

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If you have any queries or you want some help with your travel plans, please do not hesitate to get in touch and arrange a consultation.