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We’re a small and friendly bunch who love to have a big impact on your adventures. Whether you want to throw initial trip ideas around or need a last-minute pep talk before heading off on a program, we’re here to help. 

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From big life questions (should I move to Australia/New Zealand/UK/Japan/Canada to work for a year… YES) to small but-nevertheless-important questions (do I need one of those flesh-coloured money belt thingys… MAYBE), there’s no question too big or small.  



A bit about us


We get it like only travellers can. All our team have done worked abroad. 

We have Travel Experts in all the right places. Five countries and counting.

We’ve helped over half a million travellers have life-changing adventures. 


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Meet the team

Ben, Sales Specialist

Ben, Sales Specialist The Travel Whisperer

‘Friendly’, ‘supportive’, ‘easy to get along with’. Nope, not Ben’s dating profile – but just some of the words his customers use to describe him. With more five-star customer reviews than a Broadway musical, Ben is the ultimate trip planner – alleviating fears and bringing fun in equal measure. A friend in high places – he’s done a working holiday visa in Canada, multiple ski seasons and used to be an instructor. Cool like ski school. 

Ella, Head of Sales

Ella, Head of Sales The Team Player

Everyone needs an Ella on their team. When she’s not keeping our travel dreams alive, she’s running marathons, coaching hockey and playing for Hockey for Heroes. She’s also a total feeder, which makes us all feel a lot better about that run we didn’t do earlier... (marathon not a sprint, right?). Before BUNAC, Ella worked for two years in Oz and travelled for six months in Asia. Or as we like to call it, completed a quarter of a ‘gap decade’.

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Press enquiries

Press enquiries

BUNAC's Press Office is delighted to provide information or answer any queries relating to its overseas work and interrn programs. For all press enquiries please contact Vicki Cunningham or Lucy Lynch on 0333 999 7516 or email

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  • Australia: +61 3 9119 5252
  • New Zealand: +64 9 883 2525
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