Established in 1962, BUNAC is the leading work and travel organization and has helped many thousands of students and young people work and travel overseas. Opportunities range from interning abroad, to work and travel program opportunities. All programs include full support from BUNAC throughout the whole experience, from visa applications to job and accommodation hunting and travel advice.

Enhancing Student Employability

Encouraging your students to take part in a work, volunteer and intern abroad program will set them apart from other applicants in a narrowing and highly competitive job market. The soft skills and life experience that they will gain are highly valued in a professional context and will enhance their employability.

Core benefits include:

- Gaining essential career skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership

- Experiencing how different businesses operate in an international environment

- Gaining "life skills" such as independence, initiative and resilience

- Gaining a wider perspective of the world by making new friends from around the world and extensive post-work travel


BUNAC has been pioneering international work experience for students for five decades and continues to provide top quality opportunities for international employment and travel at reasonable cost to participants. BUNAC offers peace of mind. Your students will receive full support and advice throughout the whole work, intern or volunteer abroad experience including:

- Comprehensive visa assistance

- Full pre-departure support including informative presentations & webinars to assist students prepare for their experience

- Direct in-country support through trusted partner organizations


We regularly attend events on campus, to engage with students about our programs. If you are holding an event and would like a BUNAC representative to speak to your students, please contact us on;


Request BUNAC Resources?

For more information about our programs or how to spread the word to your students with brochures, posters and flyers, please email us on the above contact details.