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Is my internship paid?

No. In most cases, paid positions are considered ‘jobs’ and unpaid positions are considered internships. If you are looking for a paid job in Canada, take a look at our Work Canada program. When an employer pays a salary (or any kind of remuneration), the focus is not on the opportunity but on what the employee can do for the employer. In any paid situation, even if this is minimal, we lose control over the content of the placement, which limits learning. When internships are unpaid, they are focused on the training and learning, and allows you to get the experience you need for a future career.

Do I need an IEC work visa?

No, to intern in Canada you can be on an Employer Specific Work Permit if the internship is for academic credit, or an eTA (tourist visa) if you are not a student. U.S passport holders are visa-exempt travelers and do not need an eTA (tourist visa) when entering Canada by land or sea, you can therefore undertake an unpaid internship for up to 6 months without a visa.

Do I have to be a student to intern in Canada?

No. This program is open to students and non-students.

I don’t have an internship, can I still apply?

Absolutely! Our skilled Vancouver team will help you with everything from adjusting your resume, to finding you a placement, to visa/immigration guidance.

When should I apply to the program?

You can apply anytime up to six weeks before your intended start date of your internship. However the more time our team have to find the perfect placement, the better. Generally 12 weeks is ideal.

What industry can I intern in?

You are free to choose your industry, however generally it is not possible to intern in a highly skilled area such as medicine, architecture or engineering.

When you get there

Where will I stay?

You will either stay in a hostel or with a host family. Our Vancouver team will help you to find suitable longer term accommodation once you arrive, by providing advice on contracts, where to stay and typical costs.

Are airport transfers included?

Transfers are included when staying with a host family as they tend to be in more residential areas. Vancouver airport is a short journey away from Downtown Vancouver via public transport - full information on how to get there is provided before you depart.

Do I meet other interns?

Yes. Our partner office in Vancouver is used as a social hub and congregating point for any social excursions. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow interns and potentially build your professional network!