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We pride ourselves at being upfront with all costs that are associated with interning in Canada. There are no hidden fees and not all costs below are paid at once.

Step 1 - Pay your deposit and arrange an interview

To start the process you will pay a deposit. You'll then have an interview with our partners in Canada to discuss your internship goals and the type of industries you would like to intern in.

Currency Deposit
AUD $400
EUR €235
GBP £200
USD $260
NZD $400

Step 2 - Make your second payment and start your internship search

Once you've confirmed the type of internship you'd like to do our team will get to work finding you the perfect placement. You will interview directly with the host employer before an internship is confirmed.

Currency Second payment
AUD $1,000
EUR €460
GBP £400
USD $550
NZD $1,000

Step 3 - Secure a placement

Your internship is confirmed! You'll be given a start date so you can organise flights and arrival accommodation.

Currency Second payment Total costs
AUD $629 $2,029
EUR €640 €1,335
GBP £549 £1,149
USD $685 $1,450
NZD $629 $2,029

Other costs to consider

| Item | Cost | | Visa | $0-$150 CAD depending on visa type | | Travel Insurance | Online quote | | Flight | Dependent on travel dates. | Accommodation | Contact us for a quote |


  • 18 +
  • A university/college student or graduate (hold a degree or similar)
  • Available for a telephone/Skype interview
  • Flexible, professional, communicative and able to take initiative
  • If English is not your first language, then you must have at least upper intermediate (6/10) English level language skills