COVID-19 Work Abroad Update - Australia

Find out more about the working holiday visa in Australia.

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COVID-19 Work Abroad Update - Australia

(updated 12/11/2020)

Entry into Australia is currently not available to people on the working holiday visa. BUNAC expects travel to Australia will open up in 2021. By booking onto the programme with a £100 deposit, BUNAC will keep you up to date on any potential changes to immigration policies for working holiday visas and advise you immediately when you can submit your working holiday visa application.

Visa applications / processing

  • BUNAC is not submitting visa applications to the Australian immigration service until the border restrictions are reduced.

Entry into Australia

  • Currently the borders are closed to most travellers, including working holiday makers. At this time, we don’t know the exact COVID-19 restrictions such as quarantine rules that will be in place. Your safety is paramount so will work with our partners to ensure your arrival into Australia is safe and meets any requirements from the Australian government.

What if my programme gets cancelled or I can’t travel due to COVID-19?

I was due to go on the Work Australia programme in 2020 and this didn’t go ahead. What happens to my booking?

You can discuss your booking and review your options with one of our team. Please email them on

To find out more about the Work Australia programme please see here.