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Kiwi or Aussie? America wants you, and only you. If you’re a student or recent graduate, our Grad USA program is a one-time opportunity to work in the USA for 12 months.

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Why do the USA Grad scheme?

Although it does take a degree to qualify for the Grad USA program, it doesn’t take a degree to know that working in America at any other time in your life can be extremely hard. This is a unique opportunity, don’t let it pass you by.

While our Work America summer program and Summer Camp USA program allow you to live and work in America for a season, there are few visa scenarios where you can move to America for such a long time – and with so few job restrictions. From working as a fashion designer or a finance broker, in any state from Alaska to Arizona, it’s genuinely a once-in-a-lifetime chance to globalise your CV, learn from the best in the business, and experience everything that the USA has to offer.

America's most wanted

America's most wanted

This 12-month visa is only open to Australian and New Zealand passport holders who are currently studying or have just graduated. Live as a native New Yorker, a long-haired Angelino or a heel-tapping Austinite. Earn a proper salary, get international job experience, and live the American dream.

Cost and inclusions
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What’s the USA Grad scheme?


This may not be our first rodeo, but we're no cowboys. Our first ever program was to the USA back in 1963. We've been helping travellers to make it work in America ever since.


BUNAC provide the sponsorship to apply for your J-1 visa and all the documentation you need to attend your consulate appointment.

We're in your time zone. Based in Auckland, our BUNAC Grad USA team will guide you through every stage of your application.

We include guidance on how to find work, accommodation and apply for all the essentials such as your Social Security number.

Not a Kiwi or Aussie?

Not a Kiwi or Aussie?

The American dream isn't necessarily over. Check to see if you're eligible for either our Work USA or Summer Camp USA programs instead.






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