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Above the paygrade

Above the paygrade

Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world – currently AUD $23.23 per hour or AUD $882.80 per week. The cost of living in Australia can be high, especially in the bigger cities. However, particularly if you’re willing to do a stint of regional farm work or bar work where you’re busy working at weekends and evenings – then it’s more than enough to live off and still save up to fund the next leg of your journey.  

How we help BUNAC job support

Based in Melbourne and Sydney but able to assist you anywhere in Australia, our team take away the worry of settling in and the stress out of finding a job. Our Essential and Ultimate options include the below job support.

What we include

  • Comprehensive job and travel presentation when you arrive.
  • 1-on-1 employment meeting with CV writing assistance.
  • Lifetime access to a nationwide employer database.
  • Bank account and tax file number set up.
  • Weekly jobs email and ongoing travel support.
  • Discounted RSA/RSG courses – the responsible alcohol and responsible gambling course you need to work in certain states.
  • 10 printed copies of your CV.
Why you need it

Why you need it

Finding a working holiday job can take time and persistence, especially when you’re in a new country with un-familiar employment rules and lots of shiny distractions. Like beaches, happy hours and the new Swedish arrivals in the dorm next door. Plus, all that time you’re procrastinating/sunbathing, you’re blowing through your savings like a Tasmanian Devil. We connect you with the best resources and in-country partners to optimise your employment opportunities, so that you can start earning straightaway or as soon as you’re ready.

Cost and Inclusions

All about the base

Get lifetime access to our nationwide employer database – with jobs in sectors including hospitality, retail, construction, sales, marketing and more. Only when you travel on our Essential or Ultimate packages.  

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