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Home to quaint scenery, quirky humour and the sixth largest economy in the world, the clue is in the name when it comes to Great Britain. Do great things for your CV with an internship in the UK.  
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A cultural and corporate superpower, the UK attracts leading talent from all over the world. Learn from the best in the business and put your career on the map with a 1-12 month professional internship in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 

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What is the Intern in Britain program?

If you’re a full-time student or recent graduate, BUNAC provides the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), Temporary Work Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) visa help, placement vetting and in-country support you need to do a 1-12 month paid or voluntary internship in the UK. Choose from two levels of support (Own Placement and Placement Support) based on whether you already have an internship lined up or are searching for one. And two cost levels based on the length of your internship (1-6 months or 6-12 months). For full inclusions and cost, check out our cost page. 


Congratulations! If you already have an internship lined up in the UK and need BUNAC to sponsor you, check your visa eligibility, and apply now for our Intern in Britain 'Own Placement' program.


If you don't have an internship lined up, you can access vetted UK employers actively searching for international interns on our Job Hub. Our team can also help recommend placement partners to support your search. 

Visas and eligibility

Why do an internship in the UK?

A truly multicultural society with a unique work and play culture and unhealthy obsession with the weather? Britain is everyone’s cup of tea.

The opportunities

Let’s get down to business. Britain is a powerhouse. And a UK internship can give your CV serious gravitas. From science and technology to media and the arts, Britain houses the most ambitious talent from around the globe. It's innovative, influential and creative – and more importantly, it’s international. You'll learn from professionals in your field, while growing your connections and living in one of the most exciting countries in the world.

The culture

The British workplace is known for being diverse and inclusive, and so is a great place to grow personally as well as professionally. The British work-play ethic is also world-renowned. Which means you’ll work your socks off (British phrase, don’t worry if you’re sockless or wearing tights that day) but you’ll also have a laugh doing it – meeting people from every county, culture and background and making lifelong friends along the way.

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The size

Britain is small and imperfectly formed. There are mountains, cliffs and jaggedly bits poking out everywhere, which means a) it has some of the most dramatic national parks and coastlines in Europe, and b) it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. Well connected by train, you can be hiking in Scotland, surfing in Wales or visiting a different English town or city every weekend. And if that doesn’t float your boat, Europe is just over the water.

The cities

Most countries are blessed with a couple of iconic cities. Not Britain. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast... UK cities are known throughout the world for their progressive attitude, arts scene and street culture. While each city is distinct in personality, one thing we can guarantee of UK cities – they're built on rock and roll. Oh, and you won’t understand the regional accent. (You’re not alone, most Brits don’t either).  

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The history

5,000-year-old neolithic stone circles, 1,500-year-old pubs, 900-year-old castles and palaces... you don’t need a history lesson to know that Britain is full of heritage. There’s quite literally a museum or exhibition for everything. Or at the very least a statue of an old white dude on a horse missing a leg. And if museums aren’t your thing, just look up. That converted office block is probably older than your country’s constitution.

The weather

Hear us out. Unlike many countries, Britain has proper seasons. Which means Sunday roast dinners in front of roaring fires in winter, blooming parks in spring, hot days laid out in fields or beaches (or beer gardens) in summer, and crisp country walks in autumn. Plus, at all those points in the year, you get to moan about it being either too cold, not cold enough, too hot, or not hot enough. Because that’s just what British people do.


Official sponsors of you becoming an honorary Brit, BUNAC is proud to be one of the largest A-Rated sponsors for the UK’s Temporary Work Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) program.

We cut through the confusion and red tape, providing step-by-step support with your visa and sponsorship application.


From Marketing Internships to Business Internships - connect with our network of UK employers looking for international interns now on our Job Hub.

All work all play, our London team are on the ground with accommodation help and regular check-ins.


Why do an internship abroad?

Why do an internship abroad?

Career goals + travel goals. Get professional experience in your chosen field, grow your skillset and build your network – all while experiencing life living in a new country.


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