COVID Booking Promise


Due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic, we are maintaining our Covid Refund in our terms and conditions which means our customers are guaranteed a refund or the option to transfer your booking, less any 3rd party fees, if you cannot proceed with your programme due to a Covid related travel restriction.

The following constitute as Covid Travel restrictions allowing a refund or transfer option should any of these be in place within 14 days of your departure date due to Covid:

  • FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) travel advisory against travel to the destination country of your BUNAC programme.
  • Full border closure or restrictions, due to Covid, specific to the visa you are entering the country of destination on.
  • Visa applications cannot be made due to closures or restrictions of appropriate Embassies, VAC centres or online portals due directly to Covid.
  • Visas are not being approved due to Covid travel restrictions. 

 What doesn’t constitute as Covid travel restrictions & regular programme terms & conditions apply:

  •  Local quarantine rules. Quarantine plans are currently in place in many states and countries with ever-changing conditions.
  • Additional costs for Covid tests and quarantine.
  • Full border closure or restrictions due to Covid on countries you may be transiting through to your programme’s destination country, where there are alternative routes possible.
  • If you cannot travel due to a positive Covid test or are asked to quarantine by your local government.
  • If borders are open & restrictions allow you to travel on the programme, but you decide not to travel for any reason our normal terms & conditions will apply.
  • Where external visa application routes are open & permitted, if you are advised by BUNAC to apply for the visa but you choose not to do so & further restrictions are imposed resulting in the application option being closed again.
  • If you decide to postpone your trip. However wherever possible BUNAC will transfer the date of your trip to next year.
  • In the case that you booked with us while there were Covid restrictions on your programme, whether these restrictions centred on the application process or travel to your destination country, your deposit will be held until restrictions are lifted allowing you to proceed with your booking or for a maximum of 6 months after which it can be refunded.

3rd Party Fees that are exempt from our Covid Refund & may not be refundable in the following circumstances:

  • Insurance: If your policy has been issued for over 14 days or already started.
  • SEVIS Fee: If your DS-2019 has been issued (In the case of US Programmes)
  • US Embassy Fee: If your US Embassy appointment has been booked and you have/ or have not attended. (In the case of US Programmes)
  • Government visa costs: If your visa application has been processed & submitted to the relevant government authority or licenced migration agent. (Canada, Australia, or New Zealand programmes for example)
  • Police Checks: Where required cannot be refunded after submission.
  • Travel costs: BUNAC are not responsible for flight or other travel & transport related costs that are purchased separately.
  • Medical costs: BUNAC are not responsible for any medical costs incurred whether Covid related, or not & participants should ensure they have sufficient travel insurance before departing.
  • Accommodation costs: BUNAC are not liable for any such costs that are purchased separately to the BUNAC programme.
  • Miscellaneous: Anything other than the products & programmes purchased directly from BUNAC, regardless of its relevance to the participants intended plans on the programme, the participant is responsible for these costs & should ensure they are aware of Covid related terms & conditions on such additional purchases.


You will not be covered under BUNAC’s Booking Promise if any of the following apply to your booking:

  • Intern in Britain specific - BUNAC is not liable if you cannot move your internship date or fail to find another internship (if this is cancelled due to Covid).
  • Work Japan specific – once you have received your pledge letter from BUNAC, the normal programme terms and conditions
  • Our Covid Refund only applies to new bookings made on or after the November 17th, 2020.
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