Teaching English Highlights

  • Teach English and other core subjects in Nepal for 4 – 12 weeks
  • Live with a local family or in a volunteer house and work alongside local people
  • Make a genuine and worthwhile difference and boost your resume

How you can help

  • Assist a local English teacher
  • Opportunity to take your own classes
  • Prepare lesson plans and mark work
  • Organize extra curricular activities

Why your help is needed

Just as in many countries in the developing world, education is something that is not universally available to all children. Schools in the poorer areas often have limited resources and teachers are often in short supply. Class sizes fluctuate and crowded classrooms can result in children vying for attention. Despite these difficulties, the children who are fortunate enough to attend school are happy and keen learners.

Volunteers on this project help schools to provide their pupils with an improved quality of education. The primarily subject is normally English, however there are also opportunities to teach other subjects including (but not limited to) maths and other subjects. There is also the chance for volunteers to get involved in extra curricular activities from arts and crafts, dance or music, to sports days, football matches or games.

This environment provides a great opportunity for volunteers to learn more about Nepal’s language, culture, festivals, customs and family structures.

Helping less privileged children learn and develop is an extremely rewarding experience, particularly as volunteers often have freedom to introduce their own ideas and lesson plans. The project gives volunteers who are serious about making a real difference in the developing world the chance to do so at a local level, working directly with those who genuinely need help and support now.