Your Internship Your placement will be in or around Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). BC is located on the west coast of Canada, and has everything from the modern city of Vancouver to the breath-taking nature of the Coastal Mountains. Enjoy world class ski resorts in Whistler, the cozy streets of Victoria, the beaches of Sunshine Coast and the snow-capped mountains of Big White ski resort. Whether you are looking for a placement during your studies or you're a graduate looking to kick start your career, with an international internship you can show off your skills in a whole new country.

Will my internship be paid?
In Canada, paid positions are considered ‘jobs’ and unpaid positions are considered 'internships'. If you are looking for a paid job in Canada, take a look at our Work Canada program.When an employer pays a salary (or any kind of remuneration), the focus is not on the opportunity but on what the employee can do for the employer. When internships are unpaid, they are focused on the training and learning, and allows you to get the experience you need for a future career.

Common Industries
Communications - Public Relations (PR) - Marketing - Media - Information Technology (IT) - Web Development / Design - Politics - Human Resources (HR) - Logistics - Education - Art & Culture - Graphic Design - Fashion - Hospitality & tourism - Sports & Recreation - Travel & Tourism - Environmental & Wildlife - Law - Events Management - Finance

What do I get out of it?
Participate in local business culture - Learn industry specific business practices - Learn new interaction styles and techniques and how they differ from your own country - Put theoretical knowledge into practice - Broaden your business network in your industry sector - Get a competitive advantage over your peers - Gain industry knowledge - Improve cross-cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity - Practice language skills (colloquialisms including slang, jargon and euphemisms!)

You can decide on the duration of your internship which can be anywhere from 4-24 weeks. You will be expected to work between 16-30 hours per week, depending on your individual placement and your host company. ## When can I start? You can begin your internship at any point throughout year. We recommend applying at least 12 weeks prior to your intended start date to allow enough time for us to find you your internship.

Can’t find what you're looking for? **
Get in touch and we'll try to find the right position for you with our industry connections.