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Organizing an internship can be a daunting process, let alone in another country! That’s why we offer a complete, quality program that doesn’t just end when we’ve found you a placement. With a wide range of in-country support services, we make interning in Canada simple. Included in the program is: - Initial assessment (via phone or Skype in your home country) - Professional resume revision - Host organization interview at an employer in your chosen industry - Tailor-made internship placement aligned to your objectives - A dedicated Placement Manager, based in Vancouver - A dedicated supervisor within your host organization - Arrival orientation to ease you into your new country - Feedback and performance review - International internship completion certificate - The opportunity to receive a reference letter - The opportunity to gain academic credit if needed - Exclusive social events for interns in Vancouver - 24-hour emergency contact number ## What else should I budget for? Hostel or homestay accommodation can be arranged for you. Please **[talk to us](/contact-bunac)** about costs. ### Visa There are 2 visa types available to intern in Canada, depending on your situation. Full information about how to apply for each visa will be provided once you book onto the program. ### Employer Specific Work Permit If your internship is going to form part of your academic program (for example, if you are required to undertake a placement as part of your university course) and you are in at least the 2nd year of a college, university or apprenticeship course, then you can intern for up to 12 months on the Employer Specific Work Permit. This costs $150 CAD. ### Tourist Visa If the above does not apply to you, then you can undertake an internship for up to 6 months on a tourist visa, called an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). This costs $7 CAD. ### Insurance As part of traveling with BUNAC, we require every traveler to have adequate travel insurance. Get a quote **[here](/insurance)**. ### Flights & Airport Transfer If you wish to book an airport transfer, please speak to us during your booking.