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# Inclusions Deciding to start your adventure in Australia is the easy part. We understand that sorting everything else can be quite daunting and also very time consuming, so leave all the hard work to us. With our Intern and Work Combo Australia program, we’ll sort out your internship and your part time job, as well as plenty of other aspects of your adventure. ## We will help you with: - Initial assessment (via phone or Skype in your home country) - Professional resume revision consultation - Host organization interview at an employer in your chosen industry - Tailor-made internship placement aligned to your objectives - A dedicated Placement Manager - A dedicated supervisor within your host organization - Arrival orientation to ease you into your new country - Feedback and performance review - International internship completion certificate - The opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation - The opportunity to gain academic credit if needed - Exclusive social events for interns - 24-hour emergency contact number - Orientation with a representative at our Sydney office about the city, climate, laws, taxes and customs - Information on how to open a bank account - Information on setting up a mobile phone - Information on getting a local tax number - Information on doing taxes at the end of the stay - Information on finding accommodation, what to look for, when and where as well as local customs and tenancy support information. - Review of tenancy agreements - We offer weekly activities, events, pub nights and monthly overnight trips - Free internet at office - An online community of travelers - Mail-holding for a year - Secure storage for belongings; up to one whole year