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Mirrored turquoise lakes, snow-draped peaks, fries covered in cheese and gravy? If Canada wasn’t already the ultimate working holiday destination, we even find you a seasonal job before you go. Take it from those who’ve been.

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How to work a ski season in Canada

Our step-by-step guide to getting a visa and getting hired.

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Best jobs if you want to do a working holiday in Canada

How to make your Canada working holiday work for you.

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Benefits of doing the Work Canada Young Professionals program

Have a job offer but no visa? Work Canada like a pro.

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Working a ski season at Panorama Mountain Resort

Live the high life in Canada working on the mountain.

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Working a ski season at Blue Mountain Resort

Just like Steve, we don’t think offices need walls either.

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5 things to do in Toronto

High five to one of the most liveable and diverse cities in the world.

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Doing a ski season as part of your gap year

Earning money, skiing every day, making lifelong friendships. Sold.

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Working a ski season at Four Seasons Resort

"If you think travel is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal."

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Why housekeeping jobs are the hidden gem of working a ski season

Work anywhere and spend more time skiing? Our work here is done.

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