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Working a ski season at Four Seasons Resort

Meet Holly. Holly left the UK to do a ski season at the world-class Four Seasons Resort Whistler on our Work Canada Ultimate program. Job envy is real, readers!

Why Canada?

The stunning scenery is what attracted me to Canada in the first place - and it did not disappoint.

Why did you choose to work at the Four Seasons?

Because when I think of the most luxurious hotel brand in the world, I think of Four Seasons, and I wanted to be a part of that.

What was your job at the Four Seasons?

I am a Front Desk Agent, which involves welcoming people to the resort, checking them in, and then checking them out at the end of their stay. As well as everything in between!

What's the accommodation like?

The staff accommodation is great. It's cheap, comfortable, and makes it really easy to meet new people and make friends.

What was the highlight of your Four Seasons experience?

My highlight so far is all the people I get to meet (colleagues and guests). There are people who work here and visit here from all over the world, and it's incredible to meet people from all different walks of life.

What skills have you learnt?

The customer service skills you learn here are second to none, and I know I'll use the training I've had here and the skills I've learnt in all my future career moves.

How has your life changed?

I've met so many people, live in the most beautiful place and have a fantastic job where no two days are the same.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of doing a working holiday in Canada?

I was so nervous about coming to Canada. I was nervous about not knowing anyone and not being able to afford it. But honestly, the best advice I could give anyone would be to stop thinking about it and just DO IT. Don't listen to the voices in your head telling you it's not going to work out. I am so glad I went for it, because I had the time of my life.

Give us a classic travel quote that sums up your experience?

"If you think travel is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal."


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