We have been providing IEC visa support to working holiday travelers for decades. Together with our in-country partners SWAP Canada, who are a recognized IEC visa organization, we provide you with extensive visa guidance, job and accommodation support, assistance with flights and insurance, plus all the fun, from the moment you book to the moment you fly home after your Canadian adventure.

So why BUNAC?

  • To get to Canada you need to have the correct visa. The IEC visa process is in demand and visas are limited. The most common cause for a Work Permit application being refused is that it’s incomplete or incorrect. Get it right first time with BUNAC, with over 35 years of Canadian visa advice.
  • If you want the flexibility of choosing your own job anywhere in Canada then the Essentials program is for you. You will hit the ground running when you arrive at our partner resource centers based in Toronto and Vancouver, who are on hand to offer you assistance throughout your trip. Both centers also host regular social events so you will meet many like-minded travelers and you’ll never be alone.
  • Let BUNAC help you arrange everything for your Canadian adventure on our Ultimate program. Choose between beautiful locations such as Whistler or Ontario and let us take the stress out of your job hunt.
  • You have the option to take out our bespoke travel insurance which meets all IEC Visa requirements. This gives you the security of knowing that if the worst happens we'll have you covered.
  • As a Work Canada member you'll have access to our friendly BUNAC team who will be on hand to answer every question you possibly have in the run up to your trip.