Summer Camp USA eligibility and visas

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve placed over 100,000 people at summer camps in America. Which means we’re masters of embassy speak, visa requirements and helping to get the right applicants into the right roles.

Summer Camp USA eligibility requirements
Aged between 18-30-years-old.
Able to fly out to the USA before the 20th June 2022.
Able to commit to the whole camp season, running for nine weeks between June and August.
Be confident working with children from 6-16-years-old.
Be a fluent English speaker and have no criminal history.
Have had some previous experience working with children. However, many applicants don’t realise they already have this, so speak to us about what that entails.

J-1 Visa

You will need a J-1 Visa to work at a US camp this summer and BUNAC will guide you every step of the process. We’ve partnered with the USA’s largest non-profit sponsor to ensure you have the necessary paperwork, visa sponsorship and support for the duration of your stay in America.

J1 visa
Visa Duration Up to 4 months + 30 days to travel after camp
Visa Costs $160 USD. Payable to US Embassy
Proof of funds $800 USD. You won’t need to pay this, just prove you have access to it with a bank statement
Application You will need an UK agent (such as BUNAC) and a US sponsor to apply for this type of visa. It cannot be applied for directly to the embassy.
Embassy appointment You must attend a US consulate appointment. Check your nearest US Consulate .