Getting there

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Participants must book a flight to Dublin as this is the location of the mandatory arrival orientation. The four-month program clock starts ticking on entry into Ireland and will expire exactly four months later. It is not possible to extend this visa.

Travel in Ireland

While working, you will no doubt want to take advantage of the weekends and see as much of the country as possible. You can cover a lot of Irish ground in a few days! Rail is the most comfortable and punctual way to travel around Ireland. Bus is a cheaper option and reaches more off-the-beaten track destinations, but it is slower. There are lots of budget tour companies offering low cost, fun, adventure trips around Ireland, and the resource center can assist with travel plans and arrangements.

Distances may be short, but in Ireland getting around seldom follows a straight line! Ireland provides a wealth of walking and hiking opportunities and cycling is a great way to get around in the summer. There is plenty of budget accommodation throughout the country in youth hostels or at privately-owned bed and breakfast places. These are great places to meet the local people as well as young international travelers from other countries.

Traveling Outside of Ireland

During your time abroad you are welcome to travel before, during and after your visa. Many participants use this opportunity to see Europe and the rest of the UK. The resource center will be able to advise and assist with travel plans, but many participants are easily able to organize a Europe trip independently. You will find many budget and youth travel options, and traveling from country, to country is quite easy. Trains, buses, budget airlines and youth hostels are very common and safe throughout Europe.

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