Construction Highlights

  • Repair or develop schools and children's centers in Nepal for 2 or 4 weeks
  • Construct new educational facilities
  • Live with a local family or in a volunteer house and work alongside local people
  • Make a genuine and worthwhile difference and boost your resume
  • Help to improve the learning environment

How you can help

  • Improve internal and external play areas (repair, re-plaster and paint classroom walls)
  • Assist the local skilled workers in the construction of new classrooms, schools and libraries
  • Offer ad-hoc lessons and extra curricular activities at the schools

Why your help is needed

Not only are teachers in short supply, but the teaching institutions are also needing attention. We work with existing schools and children’s centres, repairing and decorating classrooms and also constructing new facilities. The tools and building methods are traditional. This gives an interesting insight in to the local techniques although it can be frustrating for people familiar with the modern technologies of the developed west.

Experience isn’t required but you must be enthusiastic and prepared to get your hands dirty.

When working at a school there is also the opportunity to spend some of your time helping in the classroom or with extra curricular activities if you wish.

This environment provides a great opportunity for volunteers to learn more about Nepal’s language, culture, festivals, customs and family structures.

Helping to provide less privileged children with a comfortable environment to study and learn in is an extremely rewarding experience. The project gives volunteers who are serious about making a real difference in the developing world the chance to do so at a local level, working directly with those who genuinely need help and support now.