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Work friends with benefits, our 4-day Essential UK includes comprehensive job support when you land in London plus 24-months' access to our UK-wide employer database.

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Getting down to business What you can earn and how to do it

Make it pay

Make it pay

How much you earn as a UK working holidaymaker depends on where you live and what your qualifications are. If you’re looking to do casual work such as bar work, you can expect to earn the minimum wage (currently £9.50 an hour for over 23-year-olds) or above, plus tips. The average salary in the UK is £25-26K, although this differs massively depending on your industry, experience and where you live. Accounting for the higher cost of living, salaries in London are normally higher.

How we help BUNAC job support

Work goals + travel goals, on top of three nights’ accommodation, day trips and nights out - our 4-day Essential UK includes the following job support.

What we include

What we include

  • Comprehensive job assistance workshop when you arrive in London to get your CV UK ready and run over what type of work is available.
  • 24 months’ access to our job listings. Jobs posted are mostly around London, but we have hospitality and tourism contacts UK wide. 
  • 24 months’ access to our BUNAC working holiday resource centre in London, with long-term work and accommodation help.
  • If you’re looking for more career related work, an introduction to the UK recruiters we partnered with.
  • UK bank account and National Insurance number set up.
    Click here for the full itinerary, accommodation and trip inclusions.
Why you need it

Why you need it

Get job support that works for you. Want to start working straightaway? You’ll have access to our regularly updated job listings, packed with jobs looking to be filled immediately by working holidaymakers. Want to travel around Europe first? You’ll have access to our employer database, with jobs in sectors such as hospitality, retail, construction, sales, marketing and more for the full two years of your visa. Looking for more career focused work? We’ve partnered with several UK recruiters who can assist you with your search.

Cost and inclusions

The backpacker board

Don’t enter the backpacker blackhole when you land. Our Essential travellers get access to our job database for the two years of their visa. Typical jobs posted by our employers include:

  • Restaurant server roles, London
  • Live-in pub roles, UK-wide
  • Bar staff in pubs across London
  • Activity Specialists in school adventure camps, UK-wide
  • Teaching assistants, London
  • Office admin roles, London

Working holiday London

Based in London, our BUNAC team will help you to settle in, find work and point you in the direction of the good boozers (pubs). Here are a few things you need to know about living and working in the capital.

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