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Official sponsors of your ultimate summer job, we provide the visa guidance, sponsorship and supporting documentation you need to work in America on a J-1 visa.

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What's the J-1 visa?

A student-only visa, the J-1 visa allows you to work in the USA for up to four months, with a 30-day grace period afterwards to travel around the States.


You’re not able to apply for a J-1 visa independently, it must be done through a US approved company. We’re partners with CIEE, the largest non-profit sponsor in America who will act as your US sponsor. Our BUNAC team support you through the whole process – including arranging your visa paperwork, assisting with embassy interviews and checking all your documents.

When to apply

Work USA applications close on the 1st April. However, there are a limited number of J-1 visas released each year; you must attend a US Embassy appointment in person; and you must have a summer job secured before we can start the sponsorship and visa process. We’d therefore recommend booking onto our program as early as possible to start applying for jobs.

How it works

J-1 visa eligibility

The J-1 visa is open to all nationalities aged 18-30 who fit the student eligibility criteria.


You must be a current full-time degree level student, registered at a UK, German, Austrian or Swiss university.

Your course must be at least two years in length for undergraduates or at least one year for postgraduates.


You can either be a current student or a student graduating in the summer of intended departure.



Cost and inclusions

Other BUNAC America programs

Want to work in America but don’t meet the above eligibility? Check out our other USA work programs.

Grad USA program

Grad USA program

When a summer just isn’t enough. The closest thing there is to a USA working holiday visa, if you’re an Australian or New Zealand passport holder and a full-time student, then you could be eligible to work for 12 months under our USA Grad program instead.

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Summer Camp USA

Summer Camp USA

Make your USA summer extra. Extra meaningful, extra CV worthy and extra fun. If you’re 18-30 but not a student, apply for our three-month Summer Camp USA program instead. Coach sports, teach arts and make a difference to the lives of young people.

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On top of being expert job finders and parent whisperers – we’re also visa geeks. Arrange a 1-to-1 video call with our BUNAC Work USA team or check out our J-1 visa FAQs.

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