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Cost and inclusions

Getting sponsorship to work in America can be a complex process. However, we’ve been doing this for 60+ years. We’re upfront about the costs, what needs to happen and what we need to do to get you out there.

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Program cost

The program cost depends on the type of J-1 visa you need sponsorship for, and how long your internship is for.



J-1 Intern visa

1 Month - £1,249

2 Months - £1,349

3 Months - £1,449

4 Months -  £1,549

5 Months -  £1,699

6 Months -  £1,749

7 Months -  £1,849

8 Months -  £1,895

9 Months -  £1,995

10 Months -  £2,095

11 Months -  £2,295

12 Months -  £2,495

13 Months -  £2,569

14 Months -  £2,595

J-1 Trainee visa

0-3 Months -  £2,383

4 Months -  £2,418

5 Months -  £2,445

6 Months -  £2,476

7 Months -  £2,506

8 Months -  £2,553

9 Months -  £2,564

10 Months -  £2,599

11 Months -  £2,625

12 Months -  £2,666

13 Months -  £2,687

14 Months -  £2,718

15 Months -  £2,753

16 Months -  £2,784

17 Months -  £2,814

18 Months -  £2,845

19 Months -  £2,827

20 Months -  £2,902

Other costs

US Embassy interview fee

USD $185


Included in the program cost (usually USD $220)

Host country site visit (if required)

Please see our FAQs below           USD $250

Support funds

You must have sufficient support funds for the duration of your program. There is no set amount that BUNAC need to see, it will just depend on whether your internship is paid or unpaid; whether you will be living with friends/family or paying for your own room and board; the cost of living in the in the town or city where you’re interning. 


You can usually book flights up to 11 months in advance. The cost will depend on when you book and the date you leave your home country.

Travel insurance

US Medical cover is included for the duration of your visa, but all travellers should ensure they have comprehensive travel insurance. 

Intern USA inclusions

  • Sponsorship to intern in the USA through our US partners, CIEE.
  • Issuing of your Certificate of Eligibility (DS2019) and paperwork.
  • 1-on-1 assistance and support obtaining your J-1 visa.
  • Vetting of your internship to ensure it meets US Department of State requirements.
  • SEVIS – a mandatory US government tracking fee (usually USD $220).
  • Detailed participant handbook and online pre-departure orientation.
  • US medical cover for the duration of your stay (travel insurance is still required).
  • 24/7 emergency contact and support for you and your employer.
  • Monthly monitoring to ensure you’re meeting your training plan goals. 


Put simply, it’s not possible to work or intern in the USA independently. It must be done through a US Department of State approved sponsor organisation. We work with the largest and oldest work abroad non-profit in America, CIEE. The team provide the sponsorship, internship vetting, and paperwork to apply for your J-1 visa. When applying for internships, make sure you tell the company you’re working with a J-1 visa sponsor, as the process of sponsoring an overseas intern versus an American intern is a barrier for US employers. 

Intern USA FAQs Got questions? We’ve got answers


Do I have to be a student to take part in the program?

No, this program is also open to non-students and non-graduates – so long as you have five years' experience working in the field you are looking to intern in. You’ll need to be able to eligible for one of two visas – either the J-1 Intern visa or J-1 Trainee visa. See our overview page for the eligibility criteria.

If I have an internship, am I definitely accepted onto the program?

What is a training plan?

Does my internship need to be paid?

How many hours a week must my internship be?

What is a host site visit?

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