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Life in London as a Business Development Intern

Meet Alican, our Intern in Britain alumni who fell for London’s epic work-life-travel balance. Here’s his story.


Why did you decide to Intern in Britain?

I am very familiar with British culture and I believe London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has a magnificent architecture and a splendid history, but it is also a modern city and one of the most important trade and financial centres in the world. Therefore, I wanted to gain professional experience in that multicultural capital. I believe that it has contributed to my CV, my language skills and most importantly to my world vision. I experienced the professional work environment of London due to BUNAC.

How did you find the application process?

The application process and service were very professional and fast. BUNAC is always here to assist you via phone and email. In my instance, sourcing my placement and getting to the UK was extremely fast due to BUNAC's professional service. BUNAC staff were always very friendly and nice to me. They always asked me if I need for anything during my internship.

What was your favourite experience living in London?

Well, I have many wonderful experiences in London and still today I sometimes remember them but for me the most magical experience was night cycling! London becomes very magical at night and the traffic is lighter so I would explore London all night by bicycle from West to East. Nearly once every week, I did my own ‘Bicycle Tour’. This was my unforgettable experience in London. You really feel independent and see everywhere.

Did you do any travelling during your internship?

I visited Cambridge and Windsor in the UK and I also went to Germany. There are very important and beautiful places in the UK, such as Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Edinburgh, etc. Ticket prices from London to Europe are generally cheap too and because of that I went to Germany.

What would you say to anyone thinking of interning in Britain?

I would advise anyone to take an internship in London! It is one of the most important and renowned centres of the world and completing a professional placement opportunity in London is very precious. In addition, it is a great way to join London's professional environment and establish many different networks and opportunities. Do not be afraid to try this program. You will be very happy and will have an unforgettable lifelong experience. You will join to the social life of London and you will be very close to Europe so you can explore that as well!


Inspired? Our Intern in Britain program is open for students and recent graduates of all nationalities. Get professional job experience, internationalise your CV and experience life in one of the most progressive and multicultural countries in the word. Our work here is done...

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