10 reasons to Intern in London

Perfecting your posh English accent isn’t the only reason to boost your career and intern abroad in London. The city’s rich cultural and political history, encapsulated by its many museums and cultural spaces, make it a wonderful place to experience Europe. Home to The Beatles, Harry Potter, castles and cathedrals - what’s not to love about London? 

10 reasons an internship in London will rock your world

1) The music and festivals

Anyone with a soft spot for live entertainment will be overjoyed by the numerous venues, festivals and cultural events London has to offer. Each year the city hosts over 17,000 live music performances and more than 250 festivals. Metal, rock, pop or jazz - London’s got it all. And if your internship with The Intern Group is in August, you can’t miss Europe's biggest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival. Parades, live music, food and dance… what’s not to love? 

2) The language(s)

London is a fantastically diverse city. More languages are spoken in the English capital than almost anywhere else in the world, making it a fantastic place to be bilingual or pick up another language. Coincidentally, England is also the origin of the most widely spoken language in the world, making it great place to improve English-speaking abilities. In the world, there are an estimated 400 million native English speakers and some 700 million non-native speakers. 

3) Your favorite literature will come alive

Visiting the UK will bring context to the prolific texts of English literature. Beloved works will become even more pertinent and vivid during an internship in London. From Harry Potter to Elizabeth Bennett, some of the world's most cherished literary characters and their adventures were imagined by English authors. Along with visiting famous spots described in books, museums like the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Keat’s House will make literary nerds happy beyond reason.

4) Live theatre and comedy

History’s most prolific playwright, William Shakespeare, has set the bar pretty high for English comics and writers looking to make their mark. That being said, London continues to crank out some of the best live theater and comedy in the world. In the city’s famed theater district “Theaterland” within Central London's West End, interns can see thoughtful works put on by top-notch theater professionals. The West End is also a wonderful place to meander around, as the area boasts iconic public squares and circuses.

5) Its financial impact

As a global financial hub with robust industry and commerce, London possesses Europe’s largest economy. The metropolitan area alone generates some 30% of the United Kingdom’s total GDP. The city’s top industry is Finance, with some of the world’s leading financial institutions based in London. The city even won over New York City as the world’s most competitive place to do business, according to the Z/Yen Group in a 2015 study.

6) The museums

If you’ve ever wanted to see the Rosetta Stone or check out some works by, let’s say, Matisse, London is the place to be. Top museums dedicated to art, trade, science and culture are smattered about the city. The British Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum and the National Gallery are just a few spots that must make it on your weekend to-do list during your internship abroad.

7) Tea Time 

It won’t take long in London to realize that all of the world’s problems can be solved by simply “putting the kettle on”. An afternoon tea is one of the great English traditions that has spread to many cultures around the world. Interns in London with The Intern Group will learn the true significance of the tea time custom with a visit to a luxury establishment, where you can spend the entire afternoon tucking into pastries, sandwiches and scones and drinking tasty teas.

8) The Queen

Interns in London will learn what “Keep calm and carry on” is all about. For anyone with a minor obsession with the English monarchy, a trip to London will be a true delight. The Queen and her family continue to play their part in British culture as the press (and public) love a good story about the Royal Family. Meanwhile, the many palaces based in London bring in lots of tourists eager to see what the world of kings and queens is really like. 

9) Beautiful, historical architecture

London has a considerable amount of structures of great aesthetic and historical significance. The mother church of the London Diocese, St. Paul’s Cathedral, is truly a European treasure. The Anglican cathedral was built in the late 17th century though the original church dates back to AD 604. Meanwhile, the spectacular Palace of Westminster is where the UK’s Parliament convenes and is truly a sight to see. The beautiful structure sits next to Westminster Abbey.

10) You’ll learn your manners 

If Justin Bieber really wanted to learn to say “sorry”, he would spend some time in London. The Brits have truly mastered the art of being polite - and apologizing. Their mannerful ways can teach the rest of us a thing or two about how to behave. 

Ready to explore everything London has to offer? The Intern Group can help find the perfect internship that allows you to gain professional experience while soaking up the British culture.