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Top things to do and see in Sydney

Whether you want stylish or surfy – or somewhere in between, Sydney is a city that seemingly has it all. With a surf-before-work and party-after-work lifestyle – with weekends reserved for farmers’ markets, long brunches and trips to wineries/beaches/mountains (insert pretty much any other option here) – Sydney defines the ultimate work life balance.


What Shoreditch is to London (or for non-Brits, just imagine the part of your city filled with hipster breakfasts, record shops and tattooed bar staff and you’re pretty much there), Newtown is cool and bohemian but with a scruffy student vibe that stops it feeling pretentious.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The architectural jewel in Sydney's already spectacular crown, this feat of engineering dominates the waterfront. Whether you take the stairs or the lift (it was legs day at the gym today, okay) the view across the city, yacht-filled harbour and distant forest-cloaked peninsulas are stunning.

Darling Harbour

The darling of Sydney’s shopping and restaurant scene, Sydney’s Darling Harbour is an iconic place to spend a couple of hours. Bars and restaurants line the waterfront, with glittering views at night across the reflective water to the glass towers of the CBD (Central Business District).

Bondi Beach

The suntanning sands, surfers and chilled cafés that line the beachfront of Bondi are part of Sydney’s Hall of Fame. Take a surf lesson, swim in the ocean pool, have the best brunch of your life – just whatever you do, just don’t miss it off your Sydney to-do list.

Royal Botanic Gardens

With so much to do and see, Sydney can often feel like a full-on city. And sometimes, you just need to stop and smell the roses. Enter the Royal Botanic Gardens. Located in the heart of the city, it’s the perfect place to take a book or a picnic and take a breath.

North Head

A five-minute drive from the stylish sands of Manley, North Head has gorgeous nature trails and intimate beaches. Perfect for a weekend hike before hitting the pubs in Manley. All good deeds deserve a reward.

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