Teaching English as a foreign language and becoming TEFL qualified is a very worthwhile thing to while you are spending time abroad – here are BUNAC’s top 5 reasons to make the decision to go and teach English abroad.

1) Do something worthwhile on your travels

Employment for young people in countries such as Chile and South Africa relies on their ability to speak English. Rather than just travelling, why not take the opportunity to help these young people have a better future!

2) Learn a new language

Similarly, with the modern world becoming more and more integrated being bi-lingual has never been more important, there is no better way to learn a new language such as Spanish or Chinese than by living there!

3) Learn some new skills

Teaching English abroad not only gives you teaching skills but also improves your confidence in public speaking, your communication skills, your patience and your ability to be flexible in situations that demand a change of tact.

4) Discover a new culture

In the majority of volunteer abroad schemes you will living with a host family and as such be submerged in their ways of life – there is no better way to learn to love the simplicities of live such as a warm shower than living in under-developed parts of the world.

5) Meet like minded people

Volunteering abroad only appeals to people seeking unique experiences and as such you will meet some of the most like minded similar people on your trip abroad!

Are you ready to gain an internationally recognised qualification, along with an amazing experience? Check out our TEFL programmes in lots of destinations around the world. Call us to discuss your options.