Top 5 places to travel after Australia

Top 5 places to travel after your Australian working holiday

In the build up to your working holiday visa finishing you'll find yourself thinking, 'where's next?!' and I don't blame you. After living a life of adventure and excitement Down Under there's nothing harder than thinking about heading back home, so the only option you have is to keep travelling!


To help you decide where to travel next we've compiled a guide to the top 5 places to visit after your working holiday in Australia...


1) Indonesia


Your life will not be complete until you've surfed in Uluwatu, climbed Mount Batur for sunrise, partied in Gili Trawangan, done yoga on the beach on Gili Air and ridden mopeds around Nusa Lembongan. Best of all, only two hours and $80 away from the wonderful land of Oz, you can get there quicker than you can say, 'yellow brick road.'


2) Fiji


If we were to describe Fiji in one word it would be PARADISE. Going to Australia and not popping over to Fiji would be nothing more than criminal. With its pure white beaches, inspirational local people and infamous 'Fiji time,' it's needless to say you'll never visit anywhere else quite like Fiji. 


3)  Philippines


With more than 7000 islands it's not hard to imagine the vast and unspoilt beauty of the Philippines. This hidden gem of South East Asia hasn't yet been dominated by an influx of western tourists. It remains a place of cultural significance and spiritual awakening. 


4) New Zealand


Whether you decide to do another working holiday in New Zealand after you leave Australia, or whether you just want to jet over and see what it's all about, make sure you don't miss the opportunity to visit Australia's closest mate while you're in the neighbourhood. 


5) Samoa 


When you create your 'to go' list Samoa often slips through the cracks, but those that venture to this often-overlooked gem of the South Pacific will find themselves captivated by its rustic natural beauty and technicolour marine life.





What are you waiting for head to Australia now and you could be on the doorstep of these incredible locations! Just call us on 03339997516 to find out more.

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