Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Down-Under

Some people enjoy a hot Christmas, others enjoy a cold one - why not have both on the Work Australia programme!? We've created a list of 10 of the best ways to experience the festive season Down-Under!

1. Sunburnt Christmas: Join thousands of other festival-goers on the gorgeous strip of Bondi Beach and celebrate Christmas with the sun. The event is a massive beach party with Santas surfin’, Dj’s a spinnin’, and a Koala in a eucalyptus tree (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it).

2. Sydney Harbour on Christmas day: Instead of sledging and sipping on hot chocolate, why not go on a lunch cruise and sip on champagne? Cruises along Sydney harbour are extremely popular on Christmas Day. Just another excuse to soak up the sun on a hot Australian Christmas!

3. Christmas in July: The average Christmas dinner in December is served cold because it’s the hottest month of the year in Australia. So, in July, the locals take advantage of the cold weather and cook up a proper hot Christmas meal. So if you’re on our Work Australia programme and will be in Australia in July, be sure to dig into a proper Christmas feast!

4. Christmas in July: Continuing with the Christmas in July theme, make sure to head to the snowfields where the cold conditions allow you to build a snowman! Who says you need to be a kid to play in the snow? Also, visit the shops that decorate in traditional Christmas fashion. If that doesn’t put you in the Christmas mood in July, what will…?

5. Carols by Candlelight: …Christmas carols will put you in the holiday spirit, that’s what will! A longstanding tradition since the 1930s, thousands of people gather in the parks of major cities and sing their favourite Christmas carols. “Jingle bells, Batman smells” might not make it on the list, but you’ll be sure to celebrate the Christmas spirit by belting out the “old classics” under candlelight.

6. Santa Fest: This tradition, located at Darling Harbour enlists heaps of Santas and even greater heaps of Christmas cheer. During Santa Fest, you’ll see everything from Santa-on-stilts to jet-skiing-Santa celebrating the love of the holidays. Don a Santa hat, get yourself a white fluffy beard, shake your belly like a bowl full of jelly, and join in the fun!

7. Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race: A Boxing Day tradition over 65 years old, the yacht race attracts more media attention than any other yacht race on the planet (how many can you name in 10 seconds—go!). Starting at Sydney Harbour’s Neilson Park, the yachts battle it out for 630 nautical miles and cross the finish line at Derwent River in Hobart.

8. Cricket on Boxing Day: While Boxing Day in the UK is celebrated with elbows-at-dawn and spending all your Christmas cash in the Sales, Down-Under all eyes turn to the Aussie staple; that’s cricket, mate! The Boxing Day test match at Melbourne Cricket Ground is a major sporting event that highlights the Australian National cricket team, and other national teams. The match can run for up to 5 days, so get comfortable!

9. Christmas Lights: Much like the USA, Aussies decorate their homes with Christmas lights and don’t let the peaking mercury lessen their Christmas spirit! Additionally, stores and main shopping districts create massive displays and light-shows, in spite of it being nearly 30°C! Keep your shades on!

10. Yulefest: This Winter Christmas party located at Blue Mountain, is a holiday celebration which also takes place as part of the Christmas in July festivities. The Yulefest ranges from crazy fun in the streets with multiple Santas, mulled wine and egg nog, to black tie events and cosy gatherings in the home with close friends and family.

If these events sound like something you would enjoy, sign up for BUNAC’s Work Australia programme today! Or, for our other programmes check out the quick search function on our UK home page, or call us at 033 3999 7516



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