How volunteering abroad can boost your CV

One of the toughest parts about finding a job is showing that you have work experience and in order to get work experience you need a job – it’s catch-22 at its best.

Many new graduates and young professionals are now looking at boosting their CV by other means such as volunteering abroad. International volunteer experience is one of the best ways to make your CV stand out.

Volunteering abroad not only allows you to experience places and cultures that are completely different from your own; it also provides valuable insights and skills that are a great addition to your CV.

We’ve put together important skills that you’ll gain volunteering abroad – a sure way to put you ahead of the other candidates while still having the time of your life!

1. Independence

Nothing screams independence more than jumping on a plane, travelling half way around the world, immersing yourself in a completely new and unknown culture and coming out on top! Employers love this stuff and after such an adventure, you can go into any interview without fear when they ask, “What is one of your greatest achievements?” Travelling to another part of the world and starting a new life is an outstanding achievement. You can also talk about making your way from the airport to your accommodation, creating lesson plans or activities and how you are able to adapt to your surroundings.

2. Leadership

Planning your adventure requires a lot of initiative from the get-go. Once you start your placement you could be helping children learn English, getting involved in wildlife conservation, or looking after children in an orphanage; all the placements require the ability not only to lead, but also to have confidence while leading. Leadership and confidence are great attributes to have in any job interview, but the best part is getting to explain how you came about developing those skills – by volunteering abroad!

3. Cultural Awareness

Being well cultured is another attribute you’ll be able to add to your already packed list of qualities when you volunteer abroad. Repeatedly, we have participants tell us how much volunteering abroad changed their lives. Participants say they think differently, appreciate the little things they once took for granted, and most of all how unaware they were about how things were in other parts of the world – both the good and the bad. How does this help in the workplace? You’ll be able to approach tasks and projects with the ability to see how it affects everyone, not just you or your immediate department. The ability to see the bigger picture is important to employers and having this characteristic will definitely benefit your CV and make your interview stand out.

While these three attributes aren’t the only things you’ll learn or discover about yourself when volunteering abroad, we do think they’re high rankers for improving employability and these days every extra bit helps!

If you’re interested in adding a little international flair to your CV, check out our Volunteer Abroad programmes, give our team a call on 020 7553 6180.

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