For many students, spending a summer working in the USA is a dream - with some of the world’s most exciting places beckoning, many can’t book a flight soon enough! However, a working holiday abroad is not without its challenges. So, to take the hassle out of hunting for jobs and accommodation, BUNAC provides all Work America participants with our Job Directory – giving you the chance to sort out and secure a job and a new home before you arrive in the USA!

- Where can I work?

The Job Directory currently advertises jobs in 13 states. While it includes jobs in states such as California and New York, the jobs market in these states is extremely competitive, so we recommend looking elsewhere too. Many BUNACers bag summer jobs in states such as Maryland and New Hampshire before heading to the tourist hotspots of New York, L.A. and San Francisco during their obligatory end-of-summer travels!

- What kind of work can I do?

Generally, people tend to find seasonal work, such as working at a theme park, country club or shop.

- Is accommodation included?

For many jobs, yes. The Job Directory will specifically state if this is the case.

- How many jobs are there?

Currently there are over 300 live jobs, with Massachusetts proving to be a major hotspot!

- What if I can’t find a job?

Although most BUNACers find their job through our directory, you can also call us at any time or pop into one of BUNAC’s offices in the USA and staff there will be able to help you to find a job and accommodation.

- What if I see something advertised outside of BUNAC’s resources?

If you find something outside of the jobs directory that you want to apply for, go for it! BUNAC offers great support in finding work and a place to live, but this is your adventure, so you can spend it how you please!

However, you are not limited to the Job Directory or seasonal work! Many BUNACers find career-relevant work experience or an internship in the USA by simply contacting US companies directly – a great way to boost your CV and impress future employers!

BUNAC’s Job Directory is updated regularly as we’re constantly finding new employers to add to it.

Don’t miss out on this student-only opportunity - start planning your American adventure today!

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