Fruit picking not for you? Then see what Work New Zealand can help you do…

Taking the leap to spend a year on Work New Zealand can leave you wondering ‘what job will I do?’. You may have heard of people spending a year fruit picking, serving drinks or waiting tables, and this is undoubtedly the most commonly favoured work for BUNACers overseas…However it doesn’t have to be.

In the last year alone our partners at IEP have helped BUNAC participants choose from a huge range of jobs across both the North and South Islands of New Zealand in almost every profession, service or industry you can think of!

These jobs have included:
• Director of Lighting for The Hobbit movie
• Recruitment consultant for Madison
• Television Producer for FOUR
• Nurse at an elderly care centre
• Store Manager at Kathmandu
• Chef at Orbit Restaurant in the Skytower
• Event Coordinator for Sanitarium
• Ice Hockey Coach at Lake Tekapo
• Assistant Manager - Waldorf Apartment Hotels
• Administrative Assistant at University of Otago HR Dept

The team at IEP have been helping Brits get jobs in NZ for over 15 years so between them they have seen more job descriptions than the word count on your dissertation! Of course, not all of you want to jump straight into a professional job and the IEP team are more than skilled in hooking you up with casual work. Lots of BUNACers choose this in order to have more time to experience the more adventurous activities New Zealand has to offer!

The Auckland office is lucky enough to have employers throughout the country contacting them to advertise their job opportunities on IEP’s office job boards, weekly emails and online members lounge (you will be given access to this at your welcome orientation). By having these resources available, it really gives you the freedom to spend your time working and holidaying!

Here is a selection of the types of ‘casual’ work you could find yourself doing in NZ:
• An extra in TV adverts, feature films and TV series
• Photographer for bungee jumps
• Mobile pizza business
• Making Gelato
• Working at a hostel
• Housekeeping
• Au Pairing
• Packing Frozen Bull semen! (yes, that's a real job)

Whether you want to gain some career related experience, pose for a camera or get your hands dirty on a farm – with the support from Work New Zealand the choice really is up to YOU!

Give our experienced sales team a call on 0207 7870 9570 and find out what other job opportunities await when you book onto Work New Zealand!

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