Capital Placement: 6 Tips from Capital Placement Interns for Interning in Britain

Capital Placement interns give us their top tips on interning in the UK.

BUNAC Intern in Britain Placement Partners, Capital Placement, are leading experts at providing quality internships in London and throughout Britain. Find out more information and top tips from interns who have been there and done that!

Have you ever wanted to work as an intern abroad in Britain? Do you like meeting new people and learning about other cultures while gaining hands on experience in an internship capacity?  Do you ever wonder what to do before you travel to live overseas?  Of course, you will be anxious, excited, and overwhelmed leading up to your arrival to Britain for your internship!  We have listed 6 quick tips to remember when preparing for an internship and moving abroad. 

1) Schedule and attend a pre-placement appointment with your internship program company. 

Ask for further information about the entire process including cost of program, entry requirements, what is included in the cost, what is not included and how much you have to budget for the exclusions, visa requirements, accommodations. This will help with easing some anxiety and provide an opportunity to ask all the questions to understand how everything will be handled. 

2) Research additional reading materials for careers of interest and what you want to pursue. 

This will help with deepening your understanding of the career you wish to pursue. It is important to make sure to have a strong educational foundation and/ or some practical work experience to get the best experience from the internship. For example, you may know and understand how to use Excel, but is it enough for you to actually working in an accounting firm?  It is good to review your skills ahead of time and try to coordinate them best with the current skills you already have. 

3) Ask questions. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your internship during the pre-placement appointment or interview process.  Asking questions during the interview process will allow you to determine if the internship would be a good fit for your current career interests. This helps with better understanding what is expected of you for the internship.

4) Plan before you arrive on your internship in Britain.

Research and make plans on what you want to visit. Find out what transportation methods are available and the cost, research the cost of local museums, art galleries, sports venues, and other culture experiences. This will help with you making the most out of your experiences. 

5) Be open minded to new cultures, laws and other experiences. 

Experience London life and the work environment.  Be prepared to push yourself beyond your usual comfort level and be prepared to try new things. Be open to going to places that you didn’t think you would. Experience all that Britain has to offer as much as you can while interning. Break away from your normal and enjoy the overall experience.

6) Network with other fellow colleagues and other interns and build partnerships. 

Internships are a way to network and meet new people of diverse backgrounds which could lead to future business partnerships. Build a good line of communication with your colleagues and management.  When posts for new positions become available, often, former employers will call and offer former interns to interview for current job positions based on their previous experience working with them.

Find out more about BUNAC's placement partner, Capital Placement here. 
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