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Q: I want to get away on a working holiday visa. When's the best time to apply?

A: You can hold your visa for up to 12 months before you plan to use it, however, be aware that the Canadian Embassy issue a limited number of Canadian visas and we find that they sell out very quickly when they’re gone, they’re gone! With Australia and New Zealand visas, these more easily available and you are able to stay up to a maximum for 12 months in Australia or New Zealand.

BUNAC’s team of experts are here to ensure you get your application right the first time. We’ve got 25 years of visa experience to help you navigate you around the complex process. At this stage, a returned visa application might mean no visa at all for this season, so why take the chance? For the cost of the programme, you’ll get not only get BUNAC’s UK Canada team to guide you through the visa process, but our partners in Canada to help you set up your new life in across the Pond for the full duration of your trip.

Check out more information on working holiday visas for Canada, Australia or New Zealand, or call us on 033 3999 7516.