Best Cities to Work and Travel

5 Best Cities to Work & Travel

Sydney, Australia

As one of the world’s most developed cities, Sydney is the Australian poster child full of icons and legends, from its harbor bay to its opera house. But that’s not all the city is. It also boasts one of the greatest coastal spots in the world; the famous Bondi Beach, which never fails to disappoint if you’re looking for that beachy lifestyle. With the beach and city this close, you can have the best of both worlds. 

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is continuing to develop itself as the alternative cooler cousin of Sydney. With grungy music venues and swanky rooftop bars it’s an eclectic mix of modern culture. Many of its old industrial buildings have been renovated and modernized, making it a city full of surprises and eccentricities. Its 18-30 population is thriving and its chock-full of like-minded gappers and students; a real vibrant, modern-day hub.

Queenstown, New Zealand

The capital of extreme sports, Queenstown is the perfect place to live life at full throttle. If there’s an action-packed sport, you can bet Queenstown revels in it. With a young and busy crowd, the city is one of the most popular gap year destinations and will never fail to serve up new friends on your year out.

New York, USA

There’s no doubt that New York is one of the world’s best cities. The backdrop to a million and one movies and TV shows, even if you’ve never been, you probably feel like you have. But trust us, when you live there, you’ll find a whole new world that goes beyond the tourist spots and movie clichés and you’ll never want to leave.

San Francisco, USA

The world’s tech culture hub, San Francisco is famous for its modern and liberal approach to life. Brimming with arts, culture and non-stop events, the city is the ideal place to spend a gap year. Healthy, mindful and full of life, the city epitomizes that west coast metropolitan lifestyle. 
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