An Introduction to Nepali People

Thinking of volunteering in Nepal? On BUNAC's Volunteer Nepal programme you will live and work alongside the Nepali people, so we've written a brief introduction to help you get to know the people of Nepal.

Firstly Nepali people are friendly, warm and welcoming people who are proud of their traditions, religion, music and culture. They have huge respect for visitors to their country; a phrase known by every Nepali is ‘Guests equals God’. Offering whatever one has to a guest is considered a moral duty and is taken seriously by the Nepali people. It is in part due to this hospitality that many people re-visit the country again and again.  Just by observing life in Nepal, talking to the local people and taking an interest in them you can learn a great deal.

Spirituality is very important to the people of Nepal and their daily life is full of ritual and prayer, towards gods who are very much present in their world rather than an abstract concept. Nepalis are a very tolerant in terms of religion, and there is almost no religious tension in the country. They are patient and good humoured, rarely hostile or angered.


Two of the most prominent cultural concepts in Nepal are caste and status, which contribute to a strictly defined hierarchy that plays a huge part in determining each Nepali’s marriage, career and how they interact with other people.  This extends right down to family life where each person as a clearly defined rank.

It is still common for extended families to all live together in one house (even in cities).  Traditional family values are very important, although this has become a challenge to some as many men have been forced to seek work away from home, either in the bigger cities such as Kathmandu or abroad in places like India or Malaysia.  The elderly are very much respected members of the community and are well cared for.  This time in life is seen as a period of prayer, meditation and relaxation.

Our Volunteer Nepal programme gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to the people of Nepal by teaching English as a foreign language, working in an orphanage or helping with construction projects such as building schools.

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