5 Best National Parks in North America

1. Banff, Alberta Canada
The home of skiing, Banff is Canada’s oldest national park and receives an average of 10ft of snowfall every year. An incredibly popular spot with tourists, the park makes for the perfect location for a Ski season in Canada.
2. Acadia, Maine USA
With a real mix of terrains, including forests, mountains, shoreline and lakes, this versatile national park in Maine makes it an ideal visit for every kind of outdoor enthusiast.

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona USA
The old GC is probably one of the more obvious national parks, but we would be silly not to include it simply for how colossal it is. One of the seven wonders of the world, visiting the grand canyon is a must for anybody spending time in the west of the USA.
4. Jasper, Alberta Canada
Another national park full of variety, Jasper has an amazing mix of lakes, mountains, hot springs, waterfalls and ice fields. The park is also host to some of the healthiest populations of bears, moose and elk, making it a great spot for animal enthusiasts. Because of this, the summer months attract thousands of tourists, making it a great place for a summer season in Canada.
5. Yosemite, California USA
If your first thought is the Apple operating system, then it’s certainly time for you stretch your legs and explore. The often mis-pronounced Yosemite (Yo-Semi-Tee) National Park is a World Heritage Site in California, attracting nearly 4 million visitors a year. An astonishing collection of mammoth mountains and colossal trees, this one is not for the faint hearted.

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