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10 reasons to do a working holiday in Australia

Ever wondered why a working holiday in Australia is so popular? We asked the team at BUNAC HQ for their top reasons for packing up and heading Down Under. (We removed ‘The Hemsworth brothers’ and ‘Margot Robbie’ from all responses. Because, well, that should be obvious).

1. The high minimum wage

Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world, current just over AUD $20 an hour (correct as of Jan 2022). Even with the relatively high cost of living, this should be enough to break even if you’re thinking of living it up in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or any of Australia’s other big cities. Or, if you really get your head down and get to work, enough to save money for the next leg of your Australia trip or to fund the next stop on your round the world gap year.

2. The beaches

Life really is a beach in Australia. There are over 12,000 beaches, which means if you visited one a day, it would take 32 years. Sadly, an Australia working holiday is initially only valid for one year – so choose wisely! Our top five beaches not to miss are Whitehaven in the Whitsundays, Jarvis Bay (officially the whitest sand in the world), Bells Beach (of Point Break fame), Monkey Mia (for the dolphins) and Bondi in Sydney. Apologies to the other 11,995 beaches, you’re also awesome too.

3. The weather

The Aussie lifestyle is world famous, and the weather has a lot to do with that. Because of the size of Australia, the climate does vary and some cities like Melbourne definitely have four seasons. But in general, the summers (Nov-Mar) are long and hot, and the winters (Jun-Sep') are mild. And while Northern Hemisphere travellers are always going to struggle to get their heads around spending Christmas Day on the beach in their bikini or boardies, it’s an iconic experience that has to be done.

4. The job opportunities

The joy of an Australia working holiday visa is that it gives you the freedom to work in most sectors or jobs. Employers are used to taking on backpackers for casual work in hospitality, retail, tourism, construction, farming and more. And so if you know where to look, it isn’t too hard to find work. Our Essential and Ultimate Australia packages help to get you set up with the basics such as your Aussie bank account and tax file number, plus will help you find work and accommodation – not just when you land, but for the whole of your visa.

5. Earning on the move

The other great thing about an Australia working holiday visa is that you can work anywhere. Which means you can go walkabout travelling around the whole country, stopping to work when you need to. Great jobs on the move include live-in hostel or live-in pub work, or fruit picking or packing work. This type of seasonal harvest works usually comes with subsidised staff accommodation and few outgoings, making them a great way to save money, meet other travellers and work outdoors. (Plus get your five a day).

6. Two year visas

While initially most nationalities will be granted a 12-month working holiday visa, if on your first visa you work for three months in a government specified area (this is usually harvest work or working in rural areas) you can apply for a second working holiday visa, which can run on from your first visa or be used at another time (so long as you’re still within the age eligibility). Confused by visas? Talk to us. Our team will talk you through the visa process, and even apply for your first working holiday visa on your behalf.

7. The landscapes

Australia is almost 50% bigger again than Europe. And with that comes eight climatic zones and some of the most diverse scenery in the world - tropical rainforests bursting with life, scorched red outback deserts, vast canyons and rugged ravines, lush green wineries and Alpine trails, and white sand islands fringed with coral reef. Not to mention snow and ski fields in winter? (WTF). Going to Australia is literally like having all your holidays in one.

8. The friends

The original working holiday destination, BUNAC has been helping travellers to work in Australia for 50+ years. The climate, job opportunities and lifestyle (plus everything else in this blog) ensure that it remains one of the easiest and most iconic places to do a working holiday. And because of that, you’ll meet travellers from all over the world. Want to ensure you make friends? Spend the first week with travellers just like you on our 8-day Ultimate Australia – half job help, half road trip.

9. Boost your CV

International experience is the key to helping your CV stand out. Working abroad shows future employers that you have the initiative and confidence to live abroad, and it’s a great talking point in an interview. Any job, however casual, will teach you vital people, analytical and problem-solving skills. And if you don’t want to do backpacker work, your visa allows you to apply for more professional and career-related roles, such as in marketing, design, finance, beauty, recruitment, fashion, accounting etc.

10. The lifestyle

The Aussie lifestyle is legendary. Surfing before work, barbecuing after work, lazy weekends at the beaches/wineries/mountains - life is just more laid-back than in other parts of the world. Which begs the question, why wouldn’t you swap a board room for a surfboard, or a work suit for a wet suit? The only thing standing the way between you and the barefoot Aussie dream is this phone call. Give us a buzz now.

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