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Luck is on the side of working holidaymakers moving to the Emerald Isle. Work for up to 24 months with visa advice, pre-departure help and job support for your whole stay. Here’s the craic on working in the world’s friendliest country.

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Why do a working holiday in Ireland

Few places give travellers as warm a welcome as Ireland. Home to wild sweeps of beaches, dramatic brooding landscapes and candy-coloured coastal towns – Ireland is a land of literary giants and laughter-filled pubs. The ‘craic’ (the fun) is instantly addictive and will have you singing along to The Dubliners in an overflowing bar, drinking creamy pints of Guiness and saying ‘thanks a million’ within your first week.

While Ireland is every bit the fast-talking, fun-loving and fantastically green place you imagine it to be – it’s the access to the incredible arts, culture and food scene that keeps travellers here long-term. Plus, with direct low-cost flights to most European cities and islands, you can be partying in Berlin, dining in Paris or cruising the Med in a matter of hours. What can we say, the grass is always greener in Ireland.

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Where you can work

Where you can work

The Work Ireland program gives you the chance to experience everything Ireland has to offer for up to two years. You can work anywhere in the country, with most travellers choosing to fly into Dublin where our sister company USIT are based to help get you settled in and set up with work. Working holidaymakers tend to fall instantly for Dublin’s cobblestoned and cosmopolitan charms, or move onto Galway, Cork or rural Ireland once we’ve set you up with your tax, Irish phone number and more.

What work you can do

What work you can do

Your working holiday visa allows you to work in any field or industry, giving you the option to do casual work or more career-related roles. Examples of the jobs and industries where positions are readily available include: waiters, front of house, managers, chefs, retail, sales, admin, travel and tourism, IT, tech, finance, call centre work and construction. If you’re looking to make your mark, Dublin’s Silicone Docks are home to world-famous tech giants such as Google, Tik Tok, Facebook and LinkedIn, plus a heap of start-ups.

How we help

With visa advice and a virtual pre-departure orientation before you go; and hostel accommodation, job workshops and Irish bank account set-up when you arrive in Dublin – we make working in Ireland simple.

Cost and inclusions


  • USA passport holders – you must be a student or recent graduate (you must apply for your visa within 12 months of graduating).
  • Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan – you must be aged 18-30.
  • All EU citizens – you must be aged 18+.
  • Australia, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand – you must be aged 18-35.
  • Japan – you must be aged 18 – 25.

Visa information

  • The Irish working holiday visa is called a Working Holiday Authorisation (WHA) and the visa fee must be paid directly to the Irish Embassy.
  • We’ll walk you through the process of how to apply for your visa, which can take between 6-8 weeks to process.
  • Depending on your nationality, it allows you to work in Ireland for 12-24 months. The country specific visa durations can be found here.
  • On arrival into Dublin, we’ll assist you with booking an IRP (Irish Residency Permit) appointment. This allows you to legally work and pay taxes in Ireland. Please note that at the moment, it takes around a month and you won’t be able to work until your permit is approved.


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