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Cost and inclusions

Our BUNAC team assist you in securing that all important Canada visa, plus two years of job support, arrival accommodation and a pre-arranged job on the Ultimate Canada.

Work Canada What’s included

Designed for first-time working holidaymakers applying for a two-year IEC visa, we offer two work support packages – the Essential and Ultimate. A limited number of IEC work permits are available each year, so it’s important to ensure your application is accurate for the best chance of being allocated one. This is where we help.

Cost Essential Canada



Pay eight weeks before you fly





  • Step-by-step guidance with your IEC visa application
  • 2 nights’ hostel accommodation in Vancouver or Toronto
  • Arrival orientation, city walking tour and social events
  • Support with the basics such as opening a bank account
  • Comprehensive job workshop when you land + CV writing
  • Job database and accommodation listings for two years
  • Facebook group + activities to meet other BUNACers
    Plus, access to our working holiday hubs and 1-on-1 accommodation, job and CV support of our teams in Vancouver and Toronto for the whole of your trip.

Other costs

  • IEC visa and others costs at the bottom of this page

Cost Ultimate Canada



Pay before your Canadian job interview




All the Essential Canada inclusions, plus

  • A pre-arranged 4-6 month summer or ski season job in either British Colombia, Ontario or Alberta
  • Subsidised staff housing (depending on your employer) on a first come first served basis.

    Although your Ultimate job is a great way to kick off your Canada working holiday, you don’t have to do it at the start of your two-year visa. All the Essential inclusions and job support from our teams in Vancouver or Toronto can be used before or after your seasonal job, and for the whole of your trip.

Other programs What’s included

If you’ve already had a working holiday (IEC) visa for Canada or don’t meet the eligibility, BUNAC can offer two other routes to securing a work permit for Canada. You can check the eligibility for the Young Professionals visa and Recognised Organisation (RO) letter here.

Recognised Organisation (RO) Program cost

Essential Canada with RO visa support


Ultimate Canada with RO visa support



  • All the Essential or Ultimate inclusions for the IEC Work Canada programs above, but with full support applying for your Recognised Organisation (RO) letter

Other costs

  • RO visa and others costs at the bottom of this page


Young Professionals Program cost

Full payment at time of booking





  • Full assistance with your Young Professional work permit application
  • Support for you and your employer throughout the whole process
  • Assistance with accommodation while working + arrival orientation
  • Social activities such as pub nights and walking tours to meet other travellers
  • Emergency assistance with work permits, visas and passports

Other costs

  • IEC Participation fee paid to the Canadian embassy: CAD $150
  • Employer Compliance Fee (paid for by employer): CAD $230
  • Other costs outlined at the bottom of this page


Visa costs

All visa fees and associated costs such as your biometric appointment are paid directly to the Canadian Embassy. BUNAC support you at every stage of the process, including checking your visa application to ensure it’s filled out correctly.


  • Working holiday (IEC) visa                                         CAD $253
  • Recognised Organisation (RO) visa                          CAD $253


The Young Professionals visa fee and associated costs are outlined in the above cost table on this page.

Other costs

Police check

As a requirement of your working holiday visa, you will need to get a police check. Cost varies by country.  

Biometrics appointment

Everyone who is invited to apply out of the IEC or RO visa pool and has submitted a complete application will need to attend a biometrics appointment at a Canada Visa Application Centre. The cost is CAD $85 and you’ll choose your nearest centre during your visa application.


Support funds

As a requirement of your working holiday visa, you need to show proof that you have access to CAD $2,500 when you enter Canada. 

Travel insurance

You must purchase travel insurance before you enter Canada. Get an online quote here.


You can usually book flights up to 11 months before you depart. The cost will depend on when you book and the date you leave your home country. 

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