What to expect from your Summer Camp USA experience

Throw yourself into the spirit of Summer Camp USA, and trust us, it’ll be one of the most rewarding, skill-enhancing and best summers of your life. You'll work alongside your fellow camp counselors to develop lifelong leadership skills as well as lifelong friendships.

What is a day at Summer Camp USA like?

No matter what job you get hired for at Summer Camp USA, you'll have two main job responsibilities:

  • To look after your campers' well-being
  • To HAVE FUN!

Your day will differ depending on which camp job you are hired to do and which activities you're teaching, plus each camp with have its own unique schedules and traditions.

Check out BUNACer Jayshree's typical day from her summer working as a General Counselor at a Girl Scout Camp:

Time Activity
7:30am Wakey, wakey! A new day in the happiest place on Earth has begun! I wake to the sound of cheesy music over the tannoy, get up and dressed, and make sure my Campers are all ready for flag raising and breakfast.
8:30am Breakfast time! We've got an action-packed day ahead, so time to fuel up with a choice of cereals, fresh fruit, pancakes, bagels, bacon and eggs.
10:00am Morning activities time! I take my Campers to their Swim Class up at the lake. It's a bit chilly at first, but they soon warm up practicing their strokes and end the lesson playing diving games.
11:00am 2nd class! My Campers have Kayaking next, so another class spent on the water - perfect! It's great to see their paddling improve so much since the beginning of summer, and they love the relay race against another cabin, especially as WE WON!
12:00pm 3rd morning class. After getting changed we all head down to the tennis courts. My kids love playing tennis, and especially practicing their serves.
13:00pm LUNCH TIME! All that exercise and fun makes for hungry Campers and Counselors. There's lots of buzz about what's on the menu: tacos, pasta or grilled cheese and tomato soup? All the food's fab, but I most enjoy getting time to chat to the campers, and singing all the crazy Camp songs which are an integral part of meal times.
14:30pm After a post-lunch rest where my Campers and I chilled in our cabin, writing letters home and playing cards, it's time for afternoon activities. We head to the Arts and Crafts room, and my Campers make a sign for our cabin, and even a few friendship bracelets for me. Cute!
15:30pm Last class of the day and we head to The Barn for Theatre Arts. My Campers are working on their skit for Parent's Visiting Day. While they practice with the Theatre Arts Counselor, I help pick the costumes and paint the scenery.
18:00pm DINNER TIME. Tonight we're having a cook out, rustic style...juicy burgers and hot dogs are served around the campfire, with s'mores for dessert. A Camp favorite!
19:30pm Evening Entertainment! Tonight is International Evening, so I've painted the Union Jack proudly on my face ready for the inter-country competitions! There's Counselors from the USA, UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Venezuela, so we're representing well!
21:00pm It's been another fun filled, busy day. My Campers are pretty tired, so after reading for a while, they fall asleep pretty quickly.
21:30pm It's my evening off duty, so I'm free to go and hang out with my other Counselor friends in the staff house. We're planning our after-Camp road trip - NYC is on everyone's list!