Work Australia RSA Skills Course

This Skills course will be the perfect resume boost to help you find a job as soon as you get to Australia!

To serve alcohol in Australia you legally have to have completed an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) course for the state you're working in. Completing this course before you start job hunting is a great idea if you're looking to work in a bar, restaurant or café.

As part of the Skills course you'll also complete a Barista course, which will have you making incredible coffee in no time and make your resume stand out above the average backpacker!


  • RSA Qualification - The Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA certificate is required by law to provide a duty of care to patrons in liquor licensed venues such as bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bottle-shops.
  • Barista Course - Learn everything you need to work as a Barista while you're Down Under and give your resume an unbeatable boost.

Locations and cost:

Sydney: £190 / $240 / €215

Note: the RSA certificates are provincial. Some States/Territories may require you to do a top up course if you hold another States certificate.