Booking Promise 



Your deposit is protected for life and you can use your deposit payment against any other programme. Deposit amounts vary by programme and you should refer to your programme specific conditions. Your deposit has no cash value, is non-refundable and only one lifetime deposit can be used per person per product booked. Your deposit will be deemed utilised if you have received any of your pre-departure programme inclusions (including but not limited to visa assistance and applications and pre-arranged job services).
If your programme destination closes its border and you are prevented from travelling within 12 months of your initial booking date due to any of the reasons below, you will have the option of a refund (less any third party fees) or to transfer your booking:
  • Full border closure or restrictions due to a pandemic, that prevents holders of the visa you hold entering the destination country.
  • Visa applications cannot be made due to closures or restrictions of appropriate Embassies, VAC centres or online portals due directly to a pandemic.
  • Visas are not being approved due to pandemic related travel restrictions.
Please note: If any of the above reasons apply to your J-1 USA Summer booking (J-1 Camp Counselor or Summer Work & Travel), the booking guarantee will only apply if you are prevented from travelling by July of the summer of your booked programme.
3rd Party Fees that are exempt from our booking guarantee & may not be refundable in the following circumstances:
  • Insurance
  • SEVIS Fee: If your DS-2019 has been issued (In the case of US J-1 Programmes)
  • US Embassy Fee: If your US Embassy appointment has been booked and you have/ or have not attended. (In the case of US Programmes)
  • Government visa costs: If your visa application has been processed & submitted to the relevant government authority or licenced migration agent. (Canada, Australia, or New Zealand programmes for example)
  • Police Checks: Where required cannot be refunded after submission.
  • Travel costs: We are not responsible for flight or other travel & transport related costs that are purchased separately and advise the purchase of cancellation insurance.
  • Medical costs: We are not responsible for any medical costs incurred whether Covid related, or not & participants should ensure they have sufficient travel insurance before departing.
  • Accommodation costs: We are not liable for any such costs that are purchased separately to the programme.
  • Miscellaneous: Anything other than the products & programmes purchased directly from us, regardless of its relevance to the participants intended plans on the programme, the participant is responsible for these costs & should ensure they are aware of Covid related terms & conditions on such additional purchases.
Normal terms and conditions will apply and you will not be covered under the booking guarantee if any of the following apply to your booking:
  • You test positive for a pandemic related illness before your departure. Trip cancellation Insurance cover is recommended to cover this
  • If you decide to postpone your trip when your destination border and visa routes remain open and permitted

Your work or internship placement dates cannot be moved, or you fail to secure replacement work or internship placement

Our staff members and our partner service providers work to service customers in a timely, and considerate manner. You are expected to treat staff members dealing with your booking in a reciprocal manner. Any behaviour deemed unrespectful or aggressive towards staff members will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to cancel any customers from their booked programme without a refund should they act in a way deemed hostile towards our staff members.