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Summer Camp USA 2022

SCHOOL’S OUT, SUMMER'S IN. Bring your USA game, because applications for summer camp jobs in America are now open! Earn money, see the world, make a difference.

BUNAC PRESENTS: THE BEST SUMMER JOB IN THE WORLD Drums please. Guaranteeing to ruin every other job you’ll ever have, BUNAC have been the camp abroad experts since 1962. Two months of lakeside living and campfire stories: if you’re passionate about the outdoors, working with children and young adults, and doing something meaningful with The Fresh Prince’s favourite season – then it’s time to decamp Stateside for the summertime.

Join our Summer in the States info session - Thursday 21st October @ 6pm ( BST). Sign up here.

What is summer camp?

Nine weeks working at camp, 30 days travelling, one epic summer. You can’t put a price on that. But if we had to, we’d say it starts with earning USD $2000 this summer.


An All-American tradition, between June and August each year over a million children and teenagers attend summer camps in America for 1-8 weeks. From coast to coast, Camp Directors hire likeminded 18-30-years-olds from all over the world to work as Camp Counsellors and Activity Specialists.


With over 10,000 camps, there are thousands of summer camp roles open for international applicants – from working with young people with disabilities, to running arts and crafts or teaching sports. You’ll live in phenomenal locations, make friends for life, and help to shape the future of the children you work with.


A serious boot camp for your CV, not only will you learn new skills, gain valuable job experience and see the world. But you’ll also earn USD $2000 when placed with BUNAC – more than any other camp abroad operator. Accommodation and food are also included, meaning you’ll actually save money while at camp.


Despite being the home of the doughnut, we’re not going to sugar coat it: camp is full on. But it’s also the most rewarding way to spend your summer. You’ll grab time each week to explore - hiking mountains, swimming in lakes and barbecuing on beaches. Plus, your J-1 visa allows you to travel for 30 days after camp.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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    100% money back if you can’t travel due to COVID–19 restrictions.

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    24/7 help and support from our partners on the ground in the USA.

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    Secure your placement with a low deposit and pay in instalments.


“For that summer, you’re an older sibling, a coach, a teacher and a superhero. Watching these kids grow as individuals - while also growing yourself - is the most rewarding experience. You arrive with one idea of who you are, and leave with another.” Adam, 10x camp alumni and BUNAC guru.

“There’s something truly amazing about arriving at camp knowing nobody and leaving having met friends for life. That term is so overused, but not here. We arrived at camp as individuals but left as a collective." Connor, Tennis Instructor, Camp Vega Maine.