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A place where children and young adults can belong, Camp Summit is a therapeutically designed camp that supports a range of diagnoses and abilities. Make your summer matter, be part of BUNAC’s Summer Camp USA programme.


Co-ed Special Needs Camp for 8-21-year-olds.


Caters for differing social and emotional needs. 


Shared bunk-style cabins for campers and staff. 


Traditional rustic summer camp on the lake. 

What We Love

The Inclusion

Embracing differences while fostering inclusion, Camp Summit provides a safe, fun and enriching experience where children and teens can develop their social skills and feel accepted by their peers - something that they may not have experienced before.

The Rewards

Working at a Special Needs Camp is one of the most challenging but rewarding roles you can do at camp. Through positivity, empathy and resilience; you’ll overcome problems, challenge what you thought was possible and make a genuine difference. 

The Diversity

There’s no one-size-fits-all at Camp Summit. Programmes are adapted to fit ages and needs, for example, the super teen programme (15-21 years) focuses on independent living and vocational skills; with campers acting as older siblings and ‘counsellors in training’.

The Camp

From the lakeside sunsets to the woodland cabins and A-Z of sports and activities, Camp Summit is a traditional camp experience that may otherwise have not been accessible for these children. Plus, some epic extras, such as the Summit Stock festival!

Types Of Roles Camp Summit Recruit For

Camp Roles

Camp Roles

Camp Summit recruit for several positions; including Camp Counsellors, Specialist Instructors, Programme Support Staff and Camp Support Staff. Working with young people who may have previously experienced frustrations and adversity in group settings, you must have patience, understanding and a willingness to leave your perception of what’s possible behind. In return, you’ll gain experience and develop your skills, all while watching your campers grow in self-esteem. Some experience working with children is required, but talk to us about your interests and skills and we’ll run through your options.

The Magic On The Hill Where young people find a place to shine

Camp Summit caters for a range of abilities; including speech and language issues, ADD/ADHD, Asperger syndrome, verbal and non-verbal disabilities, Tourette's and Bi-Polar disorders. However, what all campers share, is a difficulty in making and maintaining peer relationships.  

A haven for young people and a respite for family members, there’s a reason why Camp Summit is known as ‘The Magic on the Hill’. For campers, it’s place where they feel part of a community – building lasting friendships and growing in confidence. For families, it’s a safe environment where their child can be who they are - without fear of rejection or expulsion. And for our Camp Counsellors, it’s a hands-on opportunity to be purposeful and playful: creating a summer to remember. Find out what’s magical about Camp Summit, become a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist.  

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A Typical Day Working At Camp Summit

A day at Summit Camp is structured around the various programme activities, meals, and planned special events.  

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