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Camp Sloane, Connecticut

Life by the lake

Nestled in the wooded green foothills of the Berkshires, Camp Sloane is a traditional camp with a progressive attitude. Unplug, dive in and earn money this summer as part of BUNAC’s Summer Camp USA programme. 

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Where the wild things are

When screens are switched off, real adventures start to happen.

It’s estimated that children can spend eight hours a day in front of a screen. Which means they’d be missing out on paddle boarding across lakes, mountain biking along forest trails, and learning how to cook over campfires. They’d miss impromptu dance parties, shaving cream fights and falling into bed each night beside new best friends. And they’d miss growing in confidence and self-esteem away from the peer pressure and anxiety of school and social media.

And without you being there to run activities, hold hands and give advice... you’d also miss these things. Grow your skills, make a difference and fall in love with America’s great outdoors this summer. Become a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist at Camp Sloane.


Tech free camp focused on the outdoors.


Stay in typical canvas-walled platform tents.


Co-ed camp for children aged 6 –16 years.


Traditional camp experience 2.5 hours from NYC.

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What we love

The location

The location

That image in your head of a summer camp in America? Lakeside beaches and wooded clearings, dotted with red-painted lodges and traditional canvas-walled platform tents, surrounded by acres of green countryside? Yep, you just described Camp Sloane.

The diversity

The diversity

Camp Sloane may have been around since 1928, but their approach is progressively 21st century. Believing that independence comes through choice, campers get to pick the activities they want to do at camp - deciding for themselves what skills to progress in.

The values

The values

The notion that children should be seen and not heard doesn’t exist at Camp Sloane. Camp Directors believe that being heard does amazing things for a child’s confidence, and so gives them a voice via a Camper Council to suggest new activities, menu changes and more.

The rewards

The rewards

By removing technology, you’ll deepen your connections, grow your leadership skills and think outside the box. You’ll build a team and create a family – watching people who didn’t believe in themselves grow in confidence and self-esteem. All of that, because of you.

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Types of roles Camp Sloane recruits for

Camp Counsellors
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A fairytale night in

A fairytale night in New York

At camp, you’ll get at least a 24-hour period off each week. Typical things to do during your spare time include trips to local beaches and local towns such as Great Barrington or Torrington, or visiting one of your American co-worker's family. If you’re organised, you can also get to New York City on the train for the day.

A typical day at camp

A mixed gender camp, accommodation is separated into single sex ‘villages’. However, to encourage community and to breakdown stereotypes, activities are done together.

Free time

Working at camp, you’ll get at least a 24-hour period off a week. Typical day trips and activities to do in your space include trips to local beaches and local towns such as Great Barrington,or Torrington or visiting with a new ‘local’ co-workers family. If you are extremely organised, you can also make it into New York City on a day off via train.

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