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Located on half a mile of shorefront in Maine’s Southern Lakes region, Kamp Kohut is a historical camp with a focus on healthy living. Develop lifelong skills, friendships and memories as part of BUNAC’s Summer Camp USA programme.


Co-ed camp for children aged 7-15 years.


Over 50 different activities to coach or teach. 


Shared traditional cabins for campers and staff. 


Camp is divided into two four-week sessions. 

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What We Love

The Location

Kamp Kohut looks like every Hollywood camp filmset. High-beamed wooden dining halls, villages of white-painted cabins and over half a mile of pine-fringed waterfront. Only this filmset is real. And is three hours from Boston, deep inside Maine’s Southern Lakes.

The Values

Founded in 1907 by Dr. George Kohut, the camp was originally created as a refuge from the heat and pollution of the city. Today the promotion of healthy living, outdoor activities and enriching the lives of young people remains at the heart of Kamp Kohut. 

The Community

The respect and acceptance that Kamp Kohut shows to its campers it also passes on to its community. Campers can take part in community activities, such as fundraising for sick children, visiting a local Special Needs Camp and environmental conservation.  

The Outdoors

From hiking the Appalachian trail to fishing in the Atlantic, once a week campers leave their camp bubble to explore Maine. This includes an overnight camping trip in a Maine State Park where they learn how to pitch a tent, build a campfire and hone their survival skills.

Types Of Roles Camp Kohut Recruit For

Camp Counsellors

Camp Counsellors

Staying in traditional porch-fronted wooden cabins with eight to twelve campers and three to four other counsellors, as a Camp Counsellor at Kamp Kohut you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day routines of your campers. From helping out with outdoor adventures to supervising rest times, you’ll be their go-to person during their four-week stay. Supporting the camp’s inclusive and individualised approach, Kamp Kohut has a 1:2 staff to camper ratio: meaning you’ll make a constructive difference to the lives of your campers while also developing your own skills and training. 

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today Old School Looks With New School Looks

Hiking up mountains, catching lobsters on the lake, playing guitar around the campfire... Kamp Kohut looks every bit like its 1907 heritage. However, Kamp Kohut is a traditional family-run camp with a progressive outlook: believing that children grow by having the freedom to make their own choices.  

Situated on 100 acres of pine-centred woodlands and along the crystal-clear shores of Lake Thompson, Kamp Kohut creates a positive environment and supported space for children to try new things, grow in confidence and to develop  skills. Four weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but the impact of that summer can last a lifetime. For them – and for you. Make a difference this summer, become a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist at Kamp Kohut. 

A Typical Day Working Camp Kohut

Kamp Kohut is split into two four-week summer camps, although staff must be available to stay for the whole summer. In every seven-day schedule there are five regular activity days, one Trip Day where campers leave to explore Maine, and one Blue & White Day which is a day of fun activities and team building.

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