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With 1,200 acres of woodlands, wetlands and prairies to explore; Camp Elk River is an all-girls camp known for its outdoor programme and equestrian centre. Switch up your summer and empower young women on BUNAC’s Summer Camp USA programme.


Smartphone-free camp focused on adventure. 


Stay in either shared dorms or camp cabins.


All-female Girl Scout Camp for 7-18-year-olds.


Traditional camp 1 hour from the Twin Cities.

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What We Love

The Mission

Supported by 100 years of heritage, Camp Elk River is a safe environment where girls and young women are encouraged to develop their skills and find their strengths: taking part in creative activities, sports and social interactions that encourage a positive sense of self.

The Sisterhood

Unique to America, children fortunate to go to camp will grow up with two sets of friends: their school friends and camp friends. Returning to the same camp each year, they benefit from an additional sense of support and sisterhood that will stay with them for life.

The Activities

Minnesota’s woodlands and rolling green hills are an adventure playground for outdoor activities, camping and swimming. However (and while not a requirement for staff or campers), Camp Elk River is best known for its equestrian centre and horse programmes.

The Community

Run by Girls Scouts of the USA, Camp Elk River is part of the River Valley family: a collection of five all-girls summer camps in Minnesota. BUNAC work with all five camps, with Camp Directors placing individuals based on their application, interview and skillset.


Camp Counsellors

Camp Counsellors

In charge of a group of campers, you’ll help each girl to plan their schedule, get ready for their day, participate in their activities, and generally make sure they are happy and healthy. Hard work and hands on but infinitely rewarding; you’ll need to think on your feet, learn on the job and overcome challenges. As the girls will look up to you for advice, values and behaviour - you must always lead by example. And with a smile! As an international staff member, you’ll open your camper’s eyes and minds to new things and new experiences: watching them grow in confidence over the summer.

See Role

Who Runs the World Beyoncé. Joking, it’s clearly our summer camp sisterhood.

Imagine a place where you’re told as a girl or teenager, that anything is possible. Where you build fires, ride across prairies, shoot arrows, create science experiments and support each other on camping trips. Where you feel empowered by your experiences and your friendships, instead of stymied by self-doubt and peer pressure.  

And now imagine that it’s you that inspired that in a young woman: encouraging them to have fun, grow in confidence and become strong leaders. You may not win a Grammy like Queen B, but we’d give you a standing ovation. Do something transformative with your summer, become a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist at Camp Elk River. 

A Typical Day Working At Camp Elk River

Camp staff are go-getters ready to take on each day and all the excitement that comes with it. There will never be a dull moment working at this Girl Scout camp. 

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